12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa

Make Over Your Marketing: 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa 

cover-volume2-300hThis book can be utilized equally well by salons or spas of any size, from large or multi-location to home based businesses, booth renters and independent operators—regardless of how tight the budget or the economy might be—to build business and expand the role of their salon or spa in the lives of their clients.

12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa is a must-read for salon owners and stylists who want to spend more of their time doing what they love behind the chair, rather than on business tasks like marketing. 

Make Over Your Marketing: 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa presents marketing concepts in the way they might relate most closely to everyday problems in the salon and spa and to suggest concrete, practical, easy-to-implement marketing ideas in each chapter.

One of the few books of its kind, and written specifically for salon and spa professionals, it will change the way you understand “marketing” and give you the know-how to make your marketing effective when it comes to building your client base, selling more retail, generating referrals organically, having more fun while building a bigger role for the salon and spa in the lives of clients.

Every chapter provides the knowledge and tools to make over a specific aspect of salon and spa marketing.  And each chapter is packed with page after page of unique salon marketing ideas to help create compelling promotions, events and overall marketing to build your business throughout the year.

12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa will be a valuable source of inspiration, guidance and ideas for owners, managers and established industry professionals as well as for recent beauty school graduates who want to begin building their own client base—for years to come.

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spa and salon marketing small line dividerAbout the author of Make Over Your Marketing salon marketing books author

Elizabeth Kraus is a freelance salon marketing consultant who specializes in helping salon owners, booth renters, stylists and other beauty professionals with low-cost marketing strategies that help with growing a salon or spa. Every year she also publishes new marketing calendars for salons and spas and independent beauty pros like booth renters, stylists, estheticians  and technicians that offer beauty professionals hundreds of new ways to attract, engage, motivate and retain clients.  

salon and spa marketing ideas small line dividerreviews salon marketing booksWhat people have to say about 12 Months of Marketing
for Salon and Spa 

A. Presotto writes, 
“This is a fantastic book. It covers every possible marketing idea by the relevant months. It takes the thinking out of setting up your marketing. Teamed with Explode Your Salon Business you can turn yourself into a marketing machine!!”

Cheryl R. writes, 
“Well written, good content and tons of valuable resources. I like how it is laid out in monthly increments with inspirations for the salon teams to keep them motivated. Thanks so much for this book Elisabeth.”

Hair Tech writes, 
“I found this book to be very refreshing. Great tips and ideas for salons or any other business. Great book !!”

12 months of marketing for salon and spa What’s your take? 

Salon owners aren’t the only ones who find themselves in the position of having to “do” marketing while wearing a lot of other hats and spending time behind the chair, too. Booth renters, stylists, estheticians, salon suite franchise owners and many other beauty professionals are in the same boat. If you’ve got an inspirational salon marketing idea to share, or a story about something you have tried that worked well in the past, or a topic that you would like to know more about we would love to hear from you!