2015 Small Business Marketing Calendar

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often have to “do” their own marketing. The 2015 Small Business Marketing Calendar is the perfect tool for do-it-yourself marketing when business success depends on:

  • Generating leads on the internet
  • Creating community on social networks
  • Engaging followers and creating intrigue
  • Moving prospects through the buying cycle
  • Retaining customers for the long term

Easy to follow, easy to execute, and packed with hundreds of marketing ideas that can be deployed again and again – all for the less than the cost of taking your favorite marketing consultant to lunch!

The 2015 Small Business Marketing Calendar is now available on — in print or digital format.

2015 small business marketing calendar templateInside you will find a full year’s worth of marketing inspiration—hundreds of marketing ideas—laid out on a calendar format to make it as easy as possible for you to put a consistent, creative marketing effort forward so you can grow your business.

Use these low-cost, high-yield, proven small business marketing tactics to attract, engage and convert more members of your target markets — and grow more quickly in 2015.

More about the ideas in the 2015 small business marketing calendar…

In addition to hundreds of ideas for growing a business using online and offline marketing tactics, this year’s small business marketing calendar also features 12 marketing ideas your mom would hate, challenging old-school rules of etiquette in a light-hearted (but still thought-provoking) way.  These ideas are perfect for today’s digital marketing climate, to help you:

  • Build brand, product and service awareness
  • Attract more “ideal” customer types—the types that visit more, spend more, refer more and ultimately represent your most profitable clients
  • Engage prospects earlier in the buying cycle and earn top-of-mind consideration

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