2016 Salon Marketing Calendar

Clients Rule: 2016 Salon Marketing Calendar for Beauty Pros

ClClients Rule - 2016 Salon Marketing Calendarients Rule: 2016 Salon Marketing Calendar for is the latest marketing calendar for salon owners, hairdressers, estheticians and other beauty professionals by salon marketing expert Elizabeth Kraus.

Hundreds of no and low-cost salon marketing ideas written just for beauty professionals including salon owners, hairdressers, salon suites and salon franchise businesses, stylists, estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, skin care and make up professionals.

You’ll find a mix of marketing tactics including both online and offline salon marketing activities prescribed in  Clients Rule: 2016 Salon Marketing Calendar. Priced from $2.99 depending on digital or print version.

What I think you’ll like most: 

2016 salon marketing calendar with 2016 marketing ideas for salons and spas

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This year I laid out the upper page and divided into clear sections with ideas for events, promotions and planning. It will be easy to work ahead in the calendar and quickly put a cohesive marketing plan for 2016 into place that helps you become more proactive and more consistent.  Compared to last year, more of the top page of each 2-page spread is devoted to ideas and specific actions you should take.

I also think you’ll like the bottom half of each spread – the actual calendar part. It incorporates the same type of daily activity schedule laid out in previous versions but also has a ton – and I mean a TON – of specific ways to engage social followers pretty much on a daily basis.  The more you begin to use all of your marketing channels as 2-way communication channels, the faster your business and authority as a beauty pro will grow.

The 2016 salon marketing calendar features a mini-theme each month as well. This year these running themes are on the idea of mindset.  

  • What’s the right mindset for growth?
  • What kind of mindset attracts customers?
  • What kind of mindset sells more retail products?
  • What kind of mindset gets more referrals?

It’s easy to get entrenched in habits and a way of thinking, but sometimes just flipping the mirror around and looking at a situation from the other point of view can be enough to change your thinking. In other cases, I use actual definitions to show you why the words that you’ve been using might not be the right words for what you actually want to occur. Read the chapter on referrals vs. relationships, you’ll see what I mean!