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365 Days of Marketing Book by Elizabeth Kraus365 Days of Marketing by Elizabeth Kraus is the marriage of low-cost, creative, practical marketing ideas with the ‘how-to’ when it comes to marketing a real business, in today’s real world, online and off.

Available in both print and digital formats. Small business marketing – especially local marketing tactics that help build independent local businesses – comes down to four main goals, each of which are addressed in 365 Days of Marketing with ideas that are perfect for:

  • attracting more customers
  • engaging prospects and clients
  • motivating leads and customers to take desired actions
  • retaining customers for the long term

Attract, engage, motivate and retain – most small business marketing plans come down to these four needs.  And you will find them covered – again and again – in 365 Days of Marketing!  365 Days of Marketing is available on in print and digital formats.

More about the small business marketing ideas in 365 Days of Marketing…

With topics for every month, week and (literally) every day of the year – and multiple marketing ideas for each – you can deepen your relationships with existing clients, develop customer loyalty, stimulate referrals, enhance employee engagement, increase brand awareness and extend your influence in the community using traditional marketing methods alongside social media, email marketing, blogging and other content marketing and inbound marketing tactics.

Written specifically for the non-marketing professional who has to “do” the marketing for their small or mid-sized local business, 365 Days of Marketing will give you everyday-sized, practical ‘nutritious helpings’ of marketing concepts. You’ll see how marketing actually fuels nearly every aspect of your business.

365 days of marketing author

365 days of marketing small line dividerAbout the author of 365 Days of Marketing

Elizabeth Kraus a full time marketing consultant and the author of 365 Days of Marketing. She also writes and publishes new small business marketing calendars every year on Amazon that feature hundreds of new small business marketing ideas and teach non-marketing pros how to promote their business using best practices online and off. She has a passion for promoting local, independently-owned businesses and prides herself on crafting creative solutions that can help them compete with businesses of any size.

Use 365 Days of Marketing as a steady stream of content for content marketing and as the basis for event marketing and engaging your customers and employees like never before. The small business marketing ideas in this book will be a constant source of inspiration!

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365 days of marketing small line dividerWhat do people think about 365 Days of Marketing? 

Tray C. writes,
“It’s like getting my own consultant… one I can talk to at midnight in my pajamas for less than the cost of lunch. This is a resource I can imagine myself returning to again and again for new ideas and inspiration. If you are looking for marketing plans or ideas but don’t have the time or money to sit down with a marketing consultant, then this book is a must-have!”

Mary L. writes,
“Love the ideas laid out in this book. If you can’t find something to incorporate into your marketing plans here, you won’t find it anywhere.”

Amazon customer writes
that 365 Days of Marketing “is a wealth of information that can be used on social media, websites and blogs. It is a reference book for the year!”

365 Days of Marketing is available on in print and digital formats.

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What’s your take? 

When it comes to small business marketing ideas, creativity and commitment are the only constraints. If you’ve got an inspirational small business marketing idea that you would like to share, or a story about something you have tried that worked well in the past, we would love to give you a chance to share! Feel free to reach out to us with your small business marketing ideas or questions about 365 Days of Marketing.