Growing a Salon on a $100 Marketing Budget

GrowinGrowing your salon on 100 marketing budgetg your Salon on a $100 Marketing Budget is Elizabeth Kraus’ newest salon mini-marketing guide with the “how to” to help with growing a salon using word of mouth, SEO, networking and email marketing is available on in print and digital formats.

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In “Growing Your Salon on a $100 Marketing Budget” I lay out a salon marketing plan that accounts for the most effective marketing channels and show you what I would do “if it were me” to achieve brand awareness, client acquisition, customer education, referrals and more. This guide can be used by salon owners with any type of business model and can be used equally well by salon suite, booth renters, stylists who want to build a book of business and other independent beauty pros.

Can you really grow a salon with a $100 marketing budget?

Yes! I’ll tell you in detail how I would spend a $100 marketing budget over the course of one month, showing you a detailed plan for social media (including a month’s worth of sample social posts), email marketing, how to add content to your website that helps your salon get found online, and talk about the different ways networking and memberships can help you grow. I’ll get the job done quickly (this book is less than 50 pages long) and my plan will be on-budget and require less than half of the time-investment small business owners usually spend on marketing each month.

What is Growing Your Salon on a $100 Marketing Budget?

This salon marketing guide was created after I did a presentation at my local Chamber – The Chamber Collective in Bonney Lake, on how to market a business on $100 a month. The presentation was so well received that I decided to expand the guide with examples created for a fictitious hair salon so that readers could see how all the pieces fit together when it comes to using the most effective marketing channels in the most effective – and efficient – ways to promote a salon, stylist’s, salon suite’s or booth renter’s professional beauty services.

What it is:

  • short – 1-sitting read you’ll return to as you design or tweak your salon’s marketing plan
  • down and dirty – not a marketing textbook, it’s 1-month sample salon marketing plan
  • a quick guide – what salon owners need to know about marketing (you know hair, I know marketing)
  • filled with practical “do this” style examples – not theory or technical details
  • the type of plan you’d pay a consultant $$$$ to sit down, design and execute
  • tactics you can share with your stylists and your webmaster in meetings and huddles

What it is not:

  • It’s not long – it’s a quick read filled with what works best right now in salon marketing
  • It’s not a textbook; it’s filled with “to do” ideas and resources, not theory
  • It’s not a book that should be judged by the number of pages inside
  • It’s not a shortcut – you still have to do the work (or make sure the work gets done)

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