marketing desks

I channel Mystique. I shape a unique marketing plan to fit your business needs. Using my Psychology BA and Marketing Certification from the University of Washington, I work with you to mesh a collaborative and genuine solution. I have a passion in bringing people’s ideas to life through one of a kind roadmaps. If you have marketing dreams that you don’t know how to launch, I’m your girl!

elizabeth marketing desks

My superpower is creating irresistible attraction between a brand and its audience. Think of marketing like it’s a magnet for your business. It helps you attract new customers and keep them engaged. Like Wonder Woman with her lasso, I help you capture the attention of your target market and pull them in. It all starts with a strong brand. With my 20 years combined experience in human resources, administration and marketing roles, I help you define or refine your brand identity, get the buy in of internal stakeholders, and build the brand your company deserves.

eric marketing desks

I have super-vision. From video production and photography to help with infusing your strategy into your marketing, I have you covered. Ever since graduating from the University of Montana with a BA in Broadcast Journalism, I have had a passion for story telling through all forms of video and photography. I know YOUR business has a story to tell, so let me help you tell it!