SEO content writers are a rare breed. They have the technical know-how to understand hope to optimize blog posts, product pages, landing pages and other website content for search engines and the creative artistry needed to write content real people – in your target audiences – actually want to read.

What SEO content writers “do” is make it more likely your website will get found when someone is looking for your business. To do this, they optimize both content that is on the page (what readers see) and content that is off-page, like meta titles and descriptions and titles and alt-tags for images, videos and other non-text content. In addition to article or web page content, SEO content writers also understand how to use H1, H2, H3 and other headline, bold, italic and link anchor text to give search engines even more reasons to serve your content up in search.

And the best SEO content writers?  They make it look easy.

This is where the creative artistry comes in. The best SEO content writers create content of interest to real people – the real people who make up your company’s target audiences – and these real people come first. From choice of topic to quality of material, skilled content marketers know how to make the search engines happy without sacrificing a jot of content quality where their readers are concerned.  Their content gets read, shared and earns the oh-so-coveted backlinks every content marketer yearns for.

In-House SEO Content Writers

In-house SEO content writers are employees who are often members of the marketing department (or sometimes sales). They can write about your company’s products and speak to other topics that interest your target markets because they are intimately connected with both.

In-house writers can often write up case studies based on any number of your own customer success stories. They can draw on the knowledge of customer service and sales staff to discover what type of objections keep buyers from pulling the trigger and create content that overcomes those objections before they become a problem. They can tap your most loyal, happy customers for reviews and testimonials.

In-house writers often have the advantage of seamless integration with sales, social media, customer service and other marketing channels that allow them not only to create content on a regular basis, but to distribute and curate it on social networks, email newsletters and other digital marketing channels. Plus, in-house authors understand how effective content can be in helping to grow email subscriber and social media follower lists, so they find ways to require registration, sign up and logins in order for readers to access premium content like white papers, slideshows and webinars.

If you’re lucky, your marketing content writers will also have desktop publishing skills that allow them to create premium content in Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, interactive video and other formats, and they will have the ability to produce simple in-house webinars and podcasts, too.

Outsourcing Work to SEO Content Writers

There’s a saying that goes, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” The fact of the matter is, it’s hard to find SEO content writers who can do it all. From actually writing the content to producing it and optimizing all of the tiny little details of on-page and off-page digital content to publishing and promoting content to maximize its exposure to your target markets, great SEO content writers are hard to find.

Outsourcing work could enable your company to launch or expand its content marketing initiative into overdrive. The faster your site ranks for content your target audiences are searching for, the better!  Here are some things to look for when outsourcing content marketing work:

  • Content writers versed in technical search ranking factors
  • Writers who are knowledgeable of and adhere to (current) search engine’s best practices and avoid keyword stuffing and any type of “black hat” techniques
  • Marketers who can enhance content creation by producing graphics, video, interactive video, podcasts and other multi-media or provide help with social media, email marketing and other services to enrich content even more
  • Content creators who understand your target markets and have the expertise needed to write content for them, and last but not least:
  • People whose work is actually worth reading (entertaining, educational, engaging, etc.)

You can find writers like these by conducting an online search (that might be how you found this content) or reaching out to authors whose work interests you who write for magazines, trade publications, industry blogs, social publishing sites and others. There could be someone in your social media network who is just waiting for a chance to write for a site like yours – and the worst someone can do is turn you down.

Have Pen, Will Travel

We have SEO content writers who are waiting for opportunities just like these. They would love to get to know your brand and its solutions and help you create website and blog content that engages your readers, educates prospects and produces conversions. Get information by filling out the information below.