Branding services at the marketing desks

Using business video on your website, blog and social media can power your company’s engagement and growth. Whether you need to inform clients about new products and services, create how-to videos, or simply showcase what your business is all about, a Marketing Desks business video can help you reach that goal.

But why does your small business need a business video?

Versatile and highly engaging, Mobile video consumption online rises 100% year over year and continues to rise. 

Including video in email marketing increases click-through rates 200-300% and can lead to up to an 80% higher conversion rate when it is included on your landing page. Videos can also increase trust and awareness of your brand as a small business. A concise, high quality video increase purchase intent by 90% and brand association by 139%.

Though you might think video is expensive and out of reach, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and affordably your project can be completed. Once we have the details worked out, we can shoot and edit a video like this one in about a day. Plus, you can maximize your time and budget by having us shoot still business and product photos as well as professional headshots while we’re on site.

Our goal is to not only understand your vision for your video needs, but to help you communicate that in an interesting, exciting way and tell the story of your business in videos and professional photography. We offer beginning to end production including consultation, production, and editing in an efficient, affordable manner. Fill out our information form to get started!

After watching a video, 64% of people are more likely to buy a product online.

Business video stats about marketingThe relationship between retail, eCommerce and business video is undeniable. Incorporating videos into eCommerce website product pages, descriptions, use, installation or assembly instructions can be invaluable in moving potential buyers from “maybe” to “yes.”

Business video is a powerful marketing tool, but it’s applications go far beyond business marketing and sales. Your company can use our professional headshots, business photography and video for:

  • About Me web pages, CEO and corporate officer bios
  • Corporate brochures and shareholder reports
  • Client and employee on-boarding, orientation and training
  • Recording company events, announcements, press releases and special occasions
  • Recording company meetings for training and distribution to absent employees
  • Disseminating instructions, how-to and explainer videos to remote staff
  • Marketing and advertising (YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Slideshare, Vine – etc.)
  • And more