What do SEO content writers do?

Technical know-how and persuasive marketing writing artistry all rolled into one.

SEO content writers are a rare breed with the technical know-how to marry search optimization with copy that resonates with real people.

SEO content writers aren’t just copywriters and they aren’t just search engine optimization (SEO) experts; they’re both. They have the technical know-how to optimize web pages, landing pages, blog posts, product pages, social media updates and other digital content for online search as well as the creative artistry needed to write content that real people – in your target markets – actually want to discover and consume.

What do SEO content writers do?

What SEO content writers do is improve the likelihood your website, blog, social updates (or other digital copy) will get found when some is searching online for a business, products or services just like yours.

To do this, they incorporate a wide variety of SEO tactics into copy that readers can see as well as source code that readers don’t see (but search engines do). And when readers discover this content, they find that it’s highly relevant to their interests, engaging, entertaining and persuasive. It’s copy that motivates those readers who find it to take actions you want them to take: buying, calling, emailing, subscribing, etc.

And the best SEO content writers? They make it look easy.

SEO content writers are technical and creative artists. The best digital copywriters write copy that gets found online without sacrificing copy quality. Their content attracts and interests real people – the real people who make up your company’s target audiences and find the content via online search. From choice of topic to quality of material, skilled content marketers know how to make search engines happy while maintaining high content quality. Their content gets found and it gets read, shared and earns the oh-so-coveted backlinks every website manager desires.