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Salon Owner Apps That Simplify Business

Running a salon business can be challenging, especially if you are starting out and have a limited budget. Luckily you don’t have to do it all alone! As a business owner, it’s important that you continually find new ways to … Read More

Free Website Audit

Getting found in online search is everything. We’re pleased to be able to help you discover ways to quickly improve your website with a no-cost automated website audit. Simply type in your site’s URL and the email address where you’d … Read More

February Real Estate Photo Fails

Home photography is an essential part of selling your home. Intent, coloring, and spacing are all important features to consider when you are getting ready to list your house. Check out these home photos to see what not to do.

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8 Ways to Rock Your Customer’s World with Online Content

Is Your Online Content Getting the Job Done?

No pun intended, but our bread and butter is creating online content that organically attracts and engages people in specific target audiences. We take a long term approach, believing that online … Read More

Salon Owners: 3 Ways to Communicate With Millennial Clients

As a salon owner, whipping up fabulous hair styles and colors is not your only job. You have to also manage communication with your clients about their appointments. Communication strategies have changed over time, and it’s important for you to … Read More

2017 Hair Trends Stylists Need To Know About

2017 is the year of subtle change, yet also the year of drastic change. As a salon stylist, you’ll see your clients asking for a simple flat iron wave or maybe they’ll have mustered up the courage to go for … Read More

Stylist Conversation Tips

As a salon stylist, your job is not only to style your clients but to hold a conversation with them while you do so. Much like a business to consumer transaction, it’s important to steer clear of close ended questions … Read More

10 Business Naming Conventions and Company Name Ideas for Home Builders – Part 1

Home Builder Company Name Ideas from 10 Business Naming Conventions – Part 1

Despite all advice to the contrary, a lot of company names are decided on for completely subjective reasons, without marketing studies, focus groups, research, or workshops. It’s … Read More

13 Superstitions A Real Estate Agent Can Learn To Overcome

Every once in awhile, as a real estate agent you’ll run across clients who hold strong superstitions about a house or its features. Could be about mirrors, could be about ladders, could be about knocking on wood for good luck, or … Read More

5 Ways to use Video Marketing for Small Business

Video marketing for small business is an important strategy to remember. As a small business owner, you want to make sure your clients understand everything about your business and what it stands for. These are five of the best ways … Read More

January Real Estate Photo Fails

If selling your house is a new year’s resolution, it’s important to spend some time planning how you will photograph your home’s features to attract potential buyers. Cleanliness, need vs. want, and angles are all important when photographing your home. … Read More

Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

You heard it last year and you’re continuing to hear it this year… social media marketing is a valuable asset to your business. However, you may be holding back from mastering the world of social media due to common myths, … Read More