Branding services at the marketing desks

Website Analysis + Competitive Research

Our website analysis reports will give you the information you need to make your website better in ways that help you attract and convert more site visitors; such as:

  • Getting found in online search more often
  • Moving up in search engine results placement (SERP)
  • Developing a long-term strategy to “own” short and long-tail search terms
  • Finding out which pages (and what content) moves your audience members to the next step in the buying journey or customer life cycle
  • Improving landing pages with compelling content, effective editing and A/B testing
  • Backlink opportunities and strategy
  • Aligning your digital real estate more closely to your brand, mission, vision and company values

We won’t analyze your website from any one priority. Our team will analyze your site using data from multiple web analysis, reports and content graders, and we’ll bring different strengths (editing, writing, SEO, etc.) to bear. You’ll see where you are now and get a report that tells you how to take your site to the next level – and give your business the website it deserves.

Report in hand, you can decide whether you want us to lead your effort or work along side your team. With on-going measures against your goal, you’ll see how improving and refining your web content for readers and search helps you increase lead generation in both quantity and quality.

Competitive Web and Marketing Analysis

This might be our favorite activity. Whether you know who your competitors are or not, we can provide you with a competitive web analysis that shows where you’re being out-competed so you can improve your digital marketing efforts accordingly. Our report will also help you identify areas of competitive advantage that can help you increase market share now and over the long term.

We’ll show you stats about your competitor’s website and digital marketing efforts that show their strengths and vulnerabilities; things like:

  • Keywords their site ranks for, and where
  • Common keywords where you can overtake them in search
  • Long-tail keywords you can own before they even become aware
  • Social followers and engagement
  • Backlinks
  • Paid ad strategy, including how much they’re spending and which of their AdWords campaigns work best