Real Estate Photography Lake Tapps
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Residential Real Estate Photography
King, Pierce, Thurston and Snohomish Counties


When it comes to residential real estate photography across the Puget Sound, we understand each home has a unique story to tell and you can’t approach them all the same way.


Whether the home you’re trying to sell is still lived in, professionally staged, or even completely empty, we know how to make it work. When we set out to photograph a residential listing for a seller or real estate agent, we have a simply checklist to follow: inside, outside, up and down.

The inside of the home: 

For many home buyers, the inside of the home can be the factor that makes or breaks the sale. Even if the house has a killer view of Mount Rainier or downtown Seattle, if your listing misses the the big features on the inside, you’ll have a harder time finding your buyer. When putting a real estate photography portfolio together for a listing, we try to help buyers envision how they would be living in the home by showing the best features, all main living areas from multiple angles, and other unique aspects.

The outside of the home:

Some houses, much like the Lake Tapps beauty featured in our gallery below, have views and outdoor living areas that just can’t be beat. If that’s the selling point for the home when it comes to real estate photography, we know how to make it pop! It’s one thing to take a couple pictures of the front and back of the house. It’s a game changer to help a buyer envision themselves throwing outdoor parties, having family barbecues, and so much more.

Up and Down:

In real estate photography, it’s not just about the 360 degree view of a home. Many homes have standard 8 or 9 foot ceiling. But what about the homes with the 20 foot entry ways or 10 foot ceilings throughout? These are important features of a home that we make sure to capture. One of the homes we have in the gallery below showcases a tall entry way with a lot of light, but you’d never know if it didn’t get captured. If you got it, flaunt it!

The bottom line here is that home buyers want to see everything about a home before they buy it. In most cases, before they even spend the time to go see it. If your listing misses out on what buyers want to see, it’ll be a longer process to sell your home. Check out our Richmond Beach and Gig Harbor portfolios to see some more examples of our work and visit our pricing page to find out more about our new referral rewards program!

Below you’ll find a sample of our King County real estate photography, Pierce County real estate photography and Snohomish and Thurston County real estate photography. Then, go on to our pricing page, read about how you earn rewards with every video or real estate photo shoot you book with us the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, and book your real estate photo shoot today.

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