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April Real Estate Photo Fails

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to re-vamp your real estate photography. The sun offers natural light that highlights your home’s best selling features. Real estate photography is a great representation of your product, and the photos are easily shareable among your online resources. First impressions hold a ton of weight in the home buying process, so it’s important that your photos are conveying the message you want to project to potential clients. Some folks have not got the memo… Take a look at our April real estate photo fails.

Eeek! Is that a giant spider in the corner?

giant spider real estate

Sadly, I don’t think the pup comes with the home.

Do I only get half the home?

half home real estate

The pumpkins are really adding to the eery vibe of the cracked door…

pumpkins real estate

Not sure if we’re zooming in on the purple walls or the debris.

purple walls real estate

Make sure to kiss the sign every night before bed for good luck.

goodnight sign real estate

Your dog gets a secret room to play in.

mirror real estate

Matching wallpaper and curtains can be confusing.

wallpaper real estate

Yup, we can still see you.

mirror reflection real estate

Real estate photography is all about conveying the message you want your buyers to remember about your home. Chances are, your potential home buyers are looking at a bunch of houses at once. So great photography can set your home apart from the rest. This edition of real estate photo flops focuses on zoom, mirrors, and matching patterns.


If you choose to zoom in on details of your home, be sure that it’s something above the standard. For example, if the bath tub in your master bedroom is a stand alone tub, it’s great to zoom in on that detail since it’s an added feature to your home. Try to steer away from zooming in on random walls of your home, or any area where the potential home buyer is questioning why you chose to zoom in on that area. If you do choose to zoom, it’s more likely that your pictures will lose clarity, so keep that in mind when taking home photos with your iPhone.


Mirrors can help your rooms feel more spacious, and can also spread light if needed. But, mirrors can distort your photos too. It can make the potential buyer think there are additional rooms in your home if the mirror appears to show an entrance to another room (really just the reflection of the current room). Having frames around your mirrors can help prevent the double take of separate rooms since the border breaks the line. Hanging your mirrors can also give you the spacious effect without distorting your photos.

Matching curtains and wallpapers

Having wallpaper is fine, and having matching curtain is ok, but taking photos with the patterns overlapping gives the illusion that it’s all one piece of wall. If you do have a matching set, try to open your curtains to break up the illusion of a single wall. This will also allow more light to come into your photo. You could also focus your photo on the other side of your kitchen to avoid confusion by your potential home buyers.


Real estate photography is a powerful tool. Using these tips and tricks can help you maximize the memorability of your real estate photography. Zooming in on high quality features helps set your home apart from the rest. Mirrors can be used to help your home feel spacious. Matching wallpaper and curtains are fine to have, but just make sure to open up the curtains. To photograph your home, contact The Marketing Desks, and we will help your home stand apart form the competition.




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