We are offering a WordPress class online – here’s why

We are offering a WordPress class online – here’s why

We do WordPress web design and content management for our clients, so why would we want to offer a WordPress class online?

There’s no pretty way to say this. COVID-19 knocked what was a growing and thriving economy – especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners – onto its butt.

Down but not down for the count, many people who were ready to launch new businesses had to put plans on hold. Small businesses had to close down operations (at least temporarily) and wait for permission to re-open, often with expensive and arduous guidelines and limitations. Some had to move their operations online and others decided to close their doors for good.

Our WordPress class can literally open – or re-open – the doors of your business.

Your company might be stalled right now for the simple reason that it doesn’t have a website, or that your website isn’t capable of helping you do business the way you need to. Since we have worked with many small businesses and startups, we understand the cost of hiring professional WordPress web design agencies may be (or at least seem) out of reach. That’s one of the reasons why we are offering a WordPress class right now.

The other reason we decided to offer a WordPress class online right now is that we know there are many high school and college students who cannot attend class in person right now. They no longer have to commute to and from school and have extra time they could put to good use right now in pursuit of their scholastic or future professional goals.

We are offering the unique opportunity for students to learn WordPress online right now as an enrichment course, which can:

  • Enhance resumes when applying for college, grad school or jobs
  • Provide the opportunity to start their own business while still in school
  • Give them valuable and practical professional web design skills from experts who have been building WordPress website development knowledge for more than a decade

Our WordPress class also gives you the chance to explore potential careers in various aspects of digital marketing, such as:

  • WordPress web design and customization
  • WordPress website content management
  • Graphic design
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Google website analytics
  • WordPress website project management

We know there are entrepreneurs out there who are ready to reboot, revamp and restart. There is opportunity out there. And the internet has COVID-19 immunity. You may not be able or wanting to do business in person right now, but there’s no reason to fear doing business online.

WordPress websites can give you instant connection to customers and prospects at every stage of the buying cycle and the customer journey, so you can go back to starting or growing your business. With a WordPress website, you can:

  • Generate leads through organic search and paid search marketing
  • Educate prospects about your products and services
  • Give people reasons to do business with you (vs. competitors or alternatives)
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Process sales, including sales on terms and returns and refunds (if need be)
  • Extend special offers and “you might also like” suggestions
  • Automatically apply quantity, returning customer or industry-specific discounts
  • Gate pricing and products behind registration and login requirements for professional only (wholesale) sales and distribution
  • Let you interact with customers and prospects one-on-one in real time via online chat
  • Generate new subscriptions, social media follows and automatically subscribe people who fill out interest forms on your site
  • Trigger email communications and popups based on site visitor behavior

And so much more!

This is what we do as WordPress website developers. We choose to offer WordPress web design because it’s easy to use (once you learn WordPress!) and offers a virtually limitless number of plugins and third party platform integrations so that you can fully customize a WordPress website to maximize its benefits for your business and brand.

Can you learn WordPress for free?

Yes! You can learn WordPress for free; however, you cannot realistically use it for free if you want to have a functional business website. There are all kinds of costs you can expect to incur when launching a WordPress website for a business:

  • Website hosting (packages range from a few dollars a month upward)
  • A domain name – or URL – which generally costs about $15 per year
  • Premium themes or drag and drop plugins – costs vary widely, but you can expect to pay $50 (one time) or as much as $100-200 / year
  • Premium plugins for site security, web forms to generate leads and sales, shopping cart plugins
  • Email marketing platform monthly costs and plugin integrations – and more.

Our WordPress class fee covers the majority of these costs!

Not only do you get the benefit of learning WordPress web design from a team who has more than a decade of experience, which will fast-track the process and give you one-to-one support if you need help, but we’ve also included a package to cover the costs that come along with building and managing a WordPress website, including:

  • Free domain name (URL) ($15/year value)
  • Free hosting ($12.99/month value)
  • Free email addresses (up to 100 different addresses) for your domain (some packages charge $7/year per address)
  • Free, fully licensed drag and drop builder and premium theme ($99+/yr value)
  • Free, fully licensed forms plugin ($89+/year value)
  • Free, licensed stock imagery you can use to build your website (if you need it)
  • Set up and integration with MailChimp email marketing (free to use up to 2000 contacts)
  • Support and troubleshooting

If at some point during the WordPress class you decide that you want our agency to finish building your website, we will apply 100% of your fee toward the cost of building your website, so you have nothing to lose!

If you have wanted to learn WordPress web design for professional reasons, if you have a WordPress website already and you don’t know how to manage and utilize it, if you are interested in marketing as a career choice and want to add website development to your resume – this course could be perfect for you!