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Salon Owners: 3 Ways to Communicate With Millennial Clients

As a salon owner, whipping up fabulous hair styles and colors is not your only job. You have to also manage communication with your clients about their appointments. Communication strategies have changed over time, and it’s important for you to understand the preferred communication strategy to your millennial clients. Say goodbye to appointment cards and hello to text messages.

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Text Messages

Appointment cards have the same information as a text message, however you are missing a key component: timeliness of the reminder. You give appointment cards out to your clients when they finish one appointment and are scheduling the next. But what happens when it’s the day before the appointment? The card will still be in the customer’s wallet, and will not activate some sort of reminder the day before. With text messaging your clients receive a gentle reminder that their appointment is tomorrow, along with a website to go to if they need to edit their appointment. Millennials check their phone more than 157 times a day, so they are likely to see your reminder the day before their appointment.


Emails are great to send to your millennial clients the day of their appointment, after they’ve already been in to see you. It’s a simple way to say thank you for visiting and for them to ask you any unanswered questioned. Almost 60% of people would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. Use this opportunity to be known for your excellent service experience. Use this email list to also send out promotions you are running at your salon. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter, so take time to snazz up your emails to your clients so they will be engaged with what you have to say.

Up-To-Date User Friendly Website

Take time to build a high functioning and up to date website that showcases what your business is about. Current pricing, styles, locations, and stylist bios are important for millennial clients to research before they visit your salon. For existing millennial clients, make sure you have an “edit appointment” section of your website. More than half of millennials would rather do digital than speak over the phone. Linking your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram page on your website is an easy way for your millennial clients to share your posts with their network, and give your salon recognition.


Your millennial clients will appreciate that you communicate using these 3 techniques. Appointment cards are bound to get lost in your clients’ bag and they’ll be stuck confused and wondering when they scheduled that appointment. Texting, emailing, and phone calls will also help keep your schedule tight, as your clients can easily modify their appointments through the reminder. Your millennial clients are unlike other generations. These clients are completely virtual so tailoring the way you communicate with them can dramatically help your marketing and help your clients refer their friends and family. At the Marketing Desks we can help you market your skills in communicating with your clients so you’ll gain more clients throughout this year.

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