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Authentic Brand Videos are Worth a Thousand Words to Millennials

Authentic brand videos can prove the brand-worthiness claims you have been trying to tell with words, which is key for customer acquisition in general, and with Millennial customers in particular. Authentic Brand Videos Trump All Other Kinds of Content Visuals of all kinds outperform text, and even boost the effectiveness of text-based content, based on […]

How to Use Business New Year Resolutions to Reach and Engage Customers

It’s not just about setting and achieving specific goals; you can use business New Year Resolutions to reach and inspire audiences in and outside of your company. Use Business New Year Resolutions to Support Your Long Range Plan November is long range planning month, the time of year when business leaders often sit down to […]

Inspiring Employee Initiative and Buy In – 12 Motivational Quotes for Business Leaders

Many business owners attribute lack of employee initiative and buy in to slow growth and missed opportunities. Let these twelve quotes light a fire, and fan the flames of positive momentum in your company. 12 Quotes to Inspire Employee Initiative and Gain Buy-In for Businesses on the Grow “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self […]

The Most Important Customer Marketing Might Happen After the Sale

Customer marketing after the sale could help you grow more quickly, boost loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction with your brand. Are You Overlooking Revenues Customer Marketing Could Help You Find? Client acquisition is – understandably – assigned a significant portion of marketing resources expended in most organizations. However, growth doesn’t hinge on client acquisition alone. […]

Responding Positively to Negative Customer Feedback

Negative customer feedback can be positive for your business if you get just one thing right. How you respond can create positive outcomes from negative customer feedback. Negative Customer Feedback Can Be Positive for Your Business Customer reviews and ratings have the power to positively impact sales for nearly every type of business; but all […]

10 Pricing Strategies that Can Positively Impact Sales

Improve sales by exploring the psychology of how different pricing strategies affect buyers—so you don’t have to price them on sale! If your current pricing strategy isn’t helping you sell more, profitably, these ten pricing strategies might help. In a perfect world, pricing strategies (a) help increase sales (b) without compromising profitability and (c) without […]

Speaking of Obstructionists… 5 Types of Employees Holding Your Business Back

Business obstructionists appear in the same form as congressional ones. Here are five types of obstructionists your business needs to expose and overcome in order to grow. Business Obstructionists, Baboons and Organizational Growth Busters Did you know that a group of baboons is referred to as a “congress?” While this might bring a smile to […]

Top 10 Types of Corporate Emails that Engage, Nurture and Convert

Unless you’re using all of these types of corporate emails, you could be missing out on engagement with up to 99% of your audience. Increase Email Marketing Effectiveness with these 10 Types of Corporate Emails Assuming direct mail response rates hold true across mail delivery methods, only about 1 to 2 percent of your network […]