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Speaking of Obstructionists… 5 Types of Employees Holding Your Business Back

Business obstructionists appear in the same form as congressional ones. Here are five types of obstructionists your business needs to expose and overcome in order to grow. Business Obstructionists, Baboons and Organizational Growth Busters Did you know that a group of baboons is referred to as a “congress?” While this might bring a smile to […]

Homebuilder Confidence Highest Since 1999, Is Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Ready to Roll?

As a real estate professional, the reality that homebuilder confidence is at an 18-year high and may well continue to rise in alignment with a growing economy and building consumer confidence, it’s time for you to up your real estate marketing game. Homebuilder Confidence at an 18-Year High “Builder confidence increased five points to a level of […]

7 Back to School Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Infographic

These back to school real estate marketing lessons can help ensure the end of the year is a good one for your agency. Summer’s over, but the real estate market could stay hot for months. Retailers aren’t the only ones who can successfully use back to school marketing ideas to generate business as the summer […]

Salon Marketing to Moms: 8 Things My Hairdresser Needs to Know

Being empathetic to how mom-life works could give you an edge in attracting clients with salon marketing to moms. Here are 8 things you need to know about moms to make your salon’s marketing more effective.  For this article we went straight to the source. Our field associate Amanda Groendyke is a working mom (a professional […]

Salon Marketing Priorities – Stop Making Fun of Your Clients on Social Media

Study shows that not making fun of clients tops the list of salon marketing priorities; see what else made the list of cool vs. annoying social marketing tactics.   Attract and Engage New Clients on Social Media with 9 Salon Marketing Priorities We’ve all seen those posts by hairdressers, stylists, estheticians and salon owners with “funny” […]

5 Corporate Brand Color Palettes Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

We’ll show you how the colors from five popular Pacific Northwest favorite locales can be incorporated into corporate brand color palettes, and what type of companies would be most likely to use them.     5 Seattle-Area Venues Provide Inspiration for Corporate Brand Color Palettes If you have a favorite location, chances are it’s as […]

9 Ways to Spend Your Real Estate Marketing Budget

No matter the size, spending your real estate marketing budget on the most effective tactics can help you attract home buyers and sellers over and over again. Spend Your Real Estate Marketing Budget Wisely Realtors, home mortgage lenders, title company agents and other real estate professionals all face the unique challenge of needing to constantly […]

Could Treating Employees Like Your Best Customers Set Your Marketing on Fire?

Treating employees like your best customers might be just what your marketing plan needs. It’s time to stop paying lip service and look at what might happen if you actually put this theory into practice. Our Employees Set Us Apart (Said Every Business Owner, Ever)   “Success in business is all about people, people, people. […]

11 Charts Compare B2B Buyer and Consumer Buying Journey

Consumer, B2B Buyer Shopping Behaviors and How Today’s Marketers are Reaching Them As the eleven charts (and one content marketing slideshare) below clearly show, there simply isn’t one single best marketing channel, strategy or device today’s marketers need to master when it comes to reaching buyers, whether B2B buyer or consumer. You need to be be ready to […]