10 Quick and Easy Website Marketing Ideas

You don’t have to be a marketing pro or a computer programmer to build a website that actually brings a return on your online marketing ROI. Here are 10 quick and easy ways to strategically use your website to actually build business in the salon and spa. 

Did you know that something like 1 of every 5 online searches are performed by individuals looking for local business resources? No doubt that you’re aware that prospective customers are looking for you online and having a website is one of the key ways to make sure that your salon or spa (or your services as an independent stylist, esthetician or massage therapist) gets found.

And maybe you even have a salon or spa website, or a blog or site for yourself as an independent professional. But maybe you don’t, or if you do, maybe you’ve seen it as a yawner, a time-waster, a money-consumer.

Whether you’ve been waiting for the right time and the right plan to establish a web presence or you need your website to actually do its job (finding new clients for you!)

Here are 10 ways that you can get your salon or spa website to start giving back a return on the investment:

1. Enhance your local reach and find-ability.

Now more than ever, it’s important that every page of your website is properly optimized through the strategic use of keywords and key phrases. What’s more, recent changes to the way that Google evaluates and rates sites in terms of search results necessitates that each page be optimized uniquely. So even if you have invested in SEO before, it’s probably a good idea to have an SEO expert evaluate your website to see if updates need to be made. Your SEO strategy should include keywords and phrases that include the names of your town and nearby cities or towns and even neighborhoods—areas from which you would logically attract new customers.

2. Engage through local interest.

Use your website to connect with customers and prospective clients in your community by using your website to talk about or promote local community events, civic organizations, causes, charities, etc. And obviously, since your text will logically incorporate the names of local towns and neighborhoods, this can also help with point one above in terms of SEO.

3. Build a contact list.

Sounds obvious – and yet many salons and spas are not actively, consistently collecting contact information and getting people to subscribe to email newsletters, blog updates and special offers. Every page of your website should include a quick link encouraging site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

4. Showcase your work.

Use your website to demonstrate to prospective clients the level of skill and services—and the wonderful outcome that they can expect as a result of doing business with you. Before and after pictures and testimonials speak much more powerfully than advertising scripts and should be put to work on your salon website, blog and social media.

5. Talk about products.

Many stylists feel uncomfortable talking about products behind the chair. But if the conversation is started about intriguing, high performing salon, spa, skin care or makeup products on your website, blog and social media, it will be easier to continue those conversations from behind the chair. Talk about the products that you carry in your salon or spa on your website, and consider doing a product feature of the month on your website.

This will not only help to educate customers but will also boost your SEO efforts, since changing content is also one of the ways that Google evaluates your site. It can also help your SEO in terms of people in your community who might be looking for the specific product lines or specialty products that you carry. In case you’re keeping score, that’s 3 wins for your side with just this one website marketing tactic!

6. Showcase your specialty.

Your salon or spa might offer a wide variety of services, but there might be one in particular at which you or your team excels. Use your website (blog, email newsletter and social media, etc.) to talk about the strengths and specialties of your business.

7. Extend special offers.

If you regularly extend special offers by way of coupons, flyers, inclusion in neighborhood mailings, etc., but you aren’t posting these offers on your website, blog, email newsletter and social media, you’re crazy! Why? You’re paying money for the former, but failing to capitalize on the latter – the electronic platforms which you can use at little to no cost beyond your time. Set aside time at the beginning of each month to make sure that your website is changed (again, another boost to SEO through changing content) and schedule how you will use your blog and social media to reach out to customers and prospects throughout the course of the special offer.

8. Highlight your education.

Most customers don’t know how much education it took for you to accomplish what you have so far, and few realize that you participate in constant continuing education, whether you do so out of requirement or sheer passion for your craft. Use the pages that you set aside to talk about your team, your specialties or your special offers to highlight aspects of your education. Talk about what you have learned in one of your classes to educate your clients on why it’s better for them to trust a professional with their haircolor, skin or nails. And tailor your educational choices to areas which would enhance your ability to attract new clients who represent your ideal client types or fall within your target markets.

9. Build emotional connections.

One of the best reasons to have an “about us” page isn’t to impress prospective customers with how awesome you are; rather, it is using your ‘about us’ page and blog posts to give customers and prospects reasons to connect with you emotionally. When you establish emotional connections with your clients, whether you are talking about personal or professional interests, you give them more reasons to seek out your services and another inducement to loyalty.

10. Build your reputation.

If you use your website to talk about your products in terms of the benefits they provide and the problems they solve for clients, to talk about education in terms of the solutions you provide to clients, your specialties in terms of the outcomes you can provide for clients, you are doing what it takes to build your reputation as an expert in your field and an expert resource for your clients.

You will be establishing expectations about the level of professionalism, service and outcomes for prospects. And you’ll be doing so in ways that positively impact your SEO, at the same time, helping to ensure that more people find your business, more often, when they are looking for a new salon, spa, sylist, esthetician, nail technician or massage therapist.

So what are you waiting for? A few minutes a month spent updating your website or blog using these ideas can help to boost your ROI (return on investment) exponentially. Incorporate these 10 website improvement ideas into your online marketing strategy, or use them to help build your strategy, if you are just starting out on with a new website or blog. It’s going to be a great year!


  Elizabeth Kraus is the author of the 2012 Marketing Guide for Stylists, Booth Renters and Independent Salon Owners.

It has practical, easy-to-implement, low-to-no-cost marketing ideasHUNDREDS of them — to use all year long and advice to help you transform yourself into the person and the professional you most want to be!

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