7 Back to School Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Infographic

7 Back to School Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Infographic

These back to school real estate marketing lessons can help ensure the end of the year is a good one for your agency. Summer’s over, but the real estate market could stay hot for months.

Retailers aren’t the only ones who can successfully use back to school marketing ideas to generate business as the summer winds down. We found this back to school email marketing infographic but quickly realized that it’s ideas were bigger than just email. These back to school real estate marketing ideas can help you engage prospective buyers and sellers in a way that’s fun – and it might just motivate home buyers and sellers to take action this Fall, and use your realtor services in the process.

Engage Home Sellers, Buyers with 7 Back to School Real Estate Marketing Tactics

1. Tests and Pop Quizzes

Polls, tests and pop quizzes shared on social media can quickly get the interest of social followers, so they top our list of back to school real estate marketing ideas. You can use them to not only ask but educate, by sharing answers after scores are tallied. Your test subject matter might include quizzes that test people’s knowledge about:

  • Buying a new home, such as:
    • Signs it’s time to buy (answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions and the time may be right…)
    • Ways to save for a new house
    • Financial dos and don’ts for home buyers
    • Negotiation tips for home buyers
    • Things to look for in a realtor (lender, etc.)
  • Selling a house, such as:
    • Remodeling projects that increase home value
    • Home seller staging musts
    • Real estate photography and video
    • Negotiation tips for home sellers
    • Things to look for in a realtor
  • The new home construction process
  • Home improvements that increase home value
  • Rate their ability to complete fixer-upper projects as a resale home buyer
  • How to know whether you should buy a new construction home or resale home
  • What is your ideal house style? (décor, architecture, etc.)

There are online quiz creators you can use for free or a low monthly charge, such as QuizWorks and Free Online Surveys. If you’re a WordPress user (and we hope you are!) there are free quiz plugins like WP Quiz and HD Quiz that enable you to create quizzes, even pop-quiz and test style quizzes that give users scores , pass/fail, timers and the ability to share results on social networks (great for viral reach!) Ideally your quiz tool will have a way to share results and even capture email addresses to add to your email newsletter contact database. Although you can include a call to action for people ready to sell or buy, remember that this represents only a tiny sliver of the people who participate.

2. Hold Classes

When prospects attend a free realtor class on just about any topic, it’s a good bet that they are ready to buy or sell a home or they are testing the waters. You can hold back to school real estate marketing classes in person or online. Try a low-cost tool like Join.Me that gives you the ability to register participants (and build your contact list) and keep a recording of your online session for re-use. Potential class topics might include:

  • home buying
  • home selling
  • home decorating
  • home remodeling
  • front and backyard landscaping
  • home financing and home equity loans
  • new construction vs. resale

You can also record audio on PowerPoint presentations and save it as an MP4 file. This turns your Powerpoint into a video version of your presentation that you can upload to YouTube as an always-available resource you can share with prospective buyers and sellers on specific topics and as it relates to your agency’s services. Though you can also do Facebook Live videos on class topics, its value is limited as it can’t be embedded on your website. Opt for a service or tool that enables you to:

  • capture registration information
  • re-use the video and/or audio presentations
  • embed the media on social media and on your website

3. Share Knowledge in a Study Group

Study groups are great for people who want to strengthen their knowledge before a test or final exam. This is a back to school real estate marketing tactic you should be employing year-round. Before people get to the ready-to-buy or ready-to-sell a house phase, help them prepare with news, quick tips and insider-knowledge you share via:

  • email newsletters
  • social media updates
  • networking groups like business networking groups, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

4. Share Lists of Must-Have Supplies (and Where to Get Them)

As every parent knows, a new school year starts with lists of school supplies. These are “must haves” students require for a variety of school year needs. As this relates to home buyers and home sellers, share checklists of what they need to succeed. These articles can be the hub of your back to school real estate marketing strategy, driving social media and email traffic to your website and attracting new site visitors in online search.

For home sellers – yes, they need an experience, knowledgeable local realtor (you!) to work with as an agent, but that’s not all they need. Checklist items for home sellers might include project as well as people resources they might need; such as:

  • financing for home improvement loans
  • professional home stagers or housecleaners
  • local remodelers or handyman services
  • links to DIY home repair and remodeling projects
  • local real estate photographers who understand how to make their property shine, and which features to draw out for home buyers to notice
  • real estate photographers who offer drone photography
  • services for real estate videos and virtual tours
  • open house preparation and supplies – and so on

Home buyers have must-haves too. Like home sellers, their lists will include people as well as tips, such as:

Your checklists don’t have to end with the home buying or selling process. Show how you support the whole process with must-have checklists for home buyers, such as:

  • list local hardware stores with links
  • list local handymen, housecleaners
  • list local grocery stores
  • list local dental/medical options
  • list local public and private schools
  • entertainment, parks and recreation
  • pet care and resources

Sharing these types of resources isn’t just invaluable to your prospects. Writing up these lists as blog posts on your web site will also be incredibly helpful to your site’s search engine traffic, especially the articles that list local cities, neighborhoods, and counties. Home buyers and sellers who search online for information like this will be introduced to your agency’s services early in the process, which can ultimately mean more of them choose your agency when the time comes to make a move.

5. Be the Teacher’s Pet

Being a teacher’s pet can get you all kinds of good things. When it comes to home buyers and sellers, instead of taking them apples, take them apple pies!

Word of mouth from creative gifts that you give following transactions and offering home buyer and home seller signing incentives can help you attract more prospects.

Open house and home buyer-seller class events with great door prizes can help boost attendance.

Bringing sweet treats to local influencers from time to time, such as your favorite home loan mortgage agents, members of your Chamber of Commerce or local business networking group, and other people who have contact with prospective buyers and sellers can help ensure they recommend your agency’s services.

6. Go to the Top of the Class

They say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If you’ve earned a strong reputation, you’ve helped clients through especially difficult processes and you have happy clients –leverage the A+ ratings they give you as testimonials for your website, social media and email marketing and as online reviews.

Every happy client experience could be an opportunity for you to ask for a review or rating online, or for a 1-2 sentence testimonial. Happy client experiences also provide an opportunity for you to capture a compelling testimonial video that you can embed on your website and use on social media, helping to drive new real estate clients for years to come.

7. Follow the Class Curriculum

No one likes surprises and this can be super-stressful, even fearful process for your clients. Keep buyers, sellers apprised every step along the way. Write out fun, enthusiasm-filled scripts that you can use throughout the home buying or home selling process to keep people in process well-informed and excited, especially if the process is lengthy (new build, short sale, etc.) If there’s any type of delay, or even potential for a delay, let your clients know as soon as possible and reassure them that it’s not going to derail the final result.

7 Back to School Real Estate Marketing Ideas – Infographic

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