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Kitchen Trends Picked By Millennials

Millennials make up 35 percent of home buyers, the largest share of any generation. So, if you as a real estate agent are targeting to sell your homes to millennials, it’s important that you look at the popular trends for millennials in the kitchen. From hidden outlets, and under cabinet lighting, millennials desire a modern palette that is clean, useful, and inviting.


Integrated living spaces

Millennials are busy living their lives to the fullest. One day they could be hosting a dinner party and the next day they could be dog sitting. Millennials look for a space that can mold into whatever space they need. You can imagine for a dinner party millennials would want an area that is inviting to your guests that has light and is easily accessible to the kitchen. Whereas for dog sitting millennials would need to make sure you can see the dogs in an very open space where they could run around, meanwhile you could heat yourself a cup of coffee. Whatever the need is, millennials are attracted to versatility.

Farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink simply adds more room as well as gives the kitchen a rustic feel. There are also numerous color/material combos with a farmhouse sink which millennials like for personalization. The farmhouse sink front edge is overall easier to clean since there is no gap between the countertop and the sink. Maintenance is a big factor for millennials, so the simplicity of cleaning is very attractive.

Maximize kitchen storage

When given the choice of standard cabinets or tall cabinets, millennials will choose the tall cabinets. They want all the storage they can get while keeping the kitchens appearance looking tidy. Tall cabinets are not only efficient, but give the kitchen a modern look and millennials lean toward modernized kitchens. Finally, millennials don’t want any wasted valuable space. With just a few inches on top of standard cabinets there is room for dust to collect and does not serve any functionality.

Hidden outlets

With all of their devices, millennials need multiple outlets so they can charge while cooking in the kitchen. The downside of outlets is that they can interrupt the backsplash of the kitchen, or can look messy. Millennials prefer outlets that are hidden underneath the cabinets or are hidden behind trap doors so they are not outwardly obvious to them and their guests. Grouping outlets and light switches is also functional and visually pleasing as it gives a power source in some of the most commonly used areas and uses the space wisely.

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting adds a warm flavor to the kitchen while being energy efficient. Millennials spend a lot of time in the kitchen so they want as much well thought out light as possible. Under cabinet lighting only uses a small number of bulbs and gives off a lot of power. It can actually reduce an energy bill since millennials don’t have to light up the entire room to see what they’re cooking. Warm, efficient, and good for the environment? It’s no wonder millennials desire under cabinet lighting!


As a real estate agent, it’s important that you tailor your sales pitches to the right crowd. Now knowing that millennials prefer integrated living spaces, farmhouse sinks, kitchen storage, hidden outlets, and under cabinet lighting, you can help millennials visualize how they could see themselves in your homes. If you need help marketing these perks to your millennial clients, contact us and we can set up time to help you succeed through real estate marketing tools!


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