Real Estate Photo Fails: What Not To Do

When it comes to photography for real estate, double checking your work is always a good idea. Whether you own your home and are selling by owner or you’re a real estate agent trying to move houses for a client, good photography can be your best friend. These are just ten (of many) photo-fails we found in the Seattle area real estate market. Enjoy our second edition of real estate photo fails, this time for December 2016.

Ten photos all real estate agents should take note of what not to do:

1. That’s not blurry, it was just a really rainy PNW day


2. Not sure what disturbs more: the pink sorority bed or the Spongebob, bed-side friend


3. I’m watching you from the window…


4. Photo cred: Google Earth


5. We don’t make our beds around here, it’s a family tradition


6. I came to take pictures, but couldn’t get past the guard dog


7. Real dog on the bed? Or…


8. I’ll take care of that body in the shower before move-in


9. I don’t know about you, but we keep our biohazards close at hand in the living room


10. Trying to prove how much food your pantry can hold



Real estate photography can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Not everyone has the time or budget to purchase a high end camera or learn all of the ins and outs of taking a good picture. However, doing some staging in a home or making sure to at least take your time with your smartphone to take clear pictures takes minimal effort.

As a real estate agent, you are juggling a lot of things. You probably have multiple listings to show, you get new inquiries regularly, and you are constantly prospecting. While these types of photo fails might be entertaining to look at and wonder “what were they thinking”, it’s important this doesn’t happen to you. Whether you want training for real estate agents for marketing and social media so you know how to effectively use your photography, or want help with your photography needs in general, we can help at The Marketing Desks. Check out our photo and video pricing sheet here and contact us with other questions. We would love to be part of your story, so check us out!


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