real estate photo fail march

March Real Estate Photo Fails

Real estate photography is arguably the most important form of marketing your home for sale. So taking time to focus on your audience, what they need to see, and how you want to display your home is very important. Take a look at these pictures that could use our advice.

Oh deer, I’m being watched

real estate deer watching

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

christmas tree in real estate

Do you want to build a snowman?

snowman on tv real estate

Life is a *Western journey, enjoy it

western theme bathroom real estate

Namaste on this bench

yoga statue near bench real estate

As the Black Eyed Peas Say: Broom broom pow!

broom on counter real estate

Ah my favorite TV show: Blinds

blinds reflection on tv real estate

I know Mardi Gras was fun, but it’s time to put the mask away until next year

mardi gras mask on wall real estate

Beware the kitchen!

beware sign in kitchen real estate

Pool party! Grab your cleaning cloths!

pool unclean real estate

And whatever you do, don’t ever have a Photo Booth in your bathroom

real estate photo fails

This month for real estate photography we are focusing on reeling in interest from the most people you can reach. This includes: ensuring your photos are not holiday specific, turning on all the lights in your home before photographing, and cleaning the picture of all supplies that were used to prepare the space for the photo.

Not holiday specific:

Having a Christmas tree up in your living room is festive but will not draw in the most amount of people to your home. Think about those who do not celebrate. They will likely keep moving to the next home if they see your home decked out in Christmas decorations. Remember these real estate pictures are spread across Redfin, Zillow, and truly any Google search, so take down the holiday decorations and keep the room decor general.

Keep the room lit:

Before taking any real estate picture in your home, make sure to turn on all the lights first. Light adds warmth to a room and will give the prospective buyer a good idea of the room if they were to move in. Light also helps the buyers to see all the specific details that make your rooms unique. Your hardwood floors will look 10x better with light reflecting off of them.

Put the cleaning supplies away:

Yes you may need to get out the old broom and bucket before you take a photo of your room, but don’t let your buyers see that. Just move them to another part of the home while you photograph each specific room. You want your buyer to be able to see as much square footage of your home as you can capture in a picture, so move the cleaning supplies aside.


Following these tips can help sell your home. Remember you don’t need the fanciest camera out there to take a good photo. If you keep your home decor simple, your pictures lit, and free of all cleaning supplies, your potential buyer can get a better idea of what their life would look like if they moved in. Take a look at the Marketing Desks home photography portfolio and let us know if you’d like us to assist in your home photos. We want to help you win!

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