Business Brand Story Importance

For your business, brand awareness starts with a brand story. Finding your identity by discovering your brand story will help set your business apart from the competition because of the authentic connection you will have with your clients.

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Before you answer the questions about forming your brand story, think about all of the elements that make up the brand for your business. Your brand should be unique, consistent, and competitive. You want to stand out from the crowd you’re in, but your clients should also always know what to expect when they purchase from you or use your services. Passion, exposure, and leadership should all be strong qualities that can be seen through your brand. To be doing this right, you basically need to be a walking brand ambassador for your company 24/7.

Once you’ve established these qualities for your brand, ask yourself the following 5 questions to help formulate your brand story:

Why did you start your business?

In life, it’s important to ‘remember where you came from’. Your business is no exception. Reflecting on and answering this question will help your business maintain it’s roots. You became successful at your business for a reason and your clients chose you for those same reasons. Even if you have figured out the answer to this question before, revisit it from time to time to make sure you don’t lose track of what your customers love about you. This will keep you focused and maintain your authenticity.

What have you learned along the way?

You hear it all the time that people aren’t perfect. When starting a business you’re bound to have a few learning opportunities along the way, but what good is a lesson if you don’t actually learn from it? Do some self reflection and think about your biggest obstacles. What did you do to turn them into milestones and breakthroughs for your business? Incorporating the lessons you’ve learned from shows humility which is something you won’t get very far without.

What values are non-negotiable to you?

If you’re not willing to sacrifice customer service in any business decision, make sure you stay consistent with your stance. You don’t want to be known one day for your excellent customer service only to have that view reversed when your values “change”. Your consistent values help maintain your competitive edge. You’ll be surprised at how many clients you’ll maintain and win over when you stick to your guns and remember why your values are non-negotiable.

What outcomes do you hang your hat on?

If your company had a project that really kicked-butt last year, let the world know! Knowing what your team excels at will give you great exposure and audience knowledge of what your brand is all about. Identifying your best accomplishments helps you refine your brand story and gives others a platform to remember you by. The best accomplishments should improve time after time, so never let it rest.

What do you stand for?

Some of the most memorable brands stories stand for causes larger than themselves. Think about Toms and their “One for One” program. Yes Toms are comfortable shoes, but people really buy these shoes to support a greater cause. What things do you stand for as a business owner? Incorporating local projects in your business mantra will solidify meaning behind your brand story. This will also help you personally engage with your clients so they can see your brand story in action.

Creating your brand story will take a lot of thought, but will be the most rewarding thing you do for your business. Just like you appreciate when a person knows who they are, clients will appreciate your business for its true, refreshing identity. Answering these five questions gives you a boost into exploring your brand story. Find out about what we stand for and learn more about what brand story workshops can do for your business.

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