Get a free website audit to improve your website quickly and move up in online search.

Free Website Audit

Getting found in online search is everything. We’re pleased to be able to help you discover ways to quickly improve your website with a no-cost automated website audit. Simply type in your site’s URL and the email address where you’d like to receive the report – that’s it.

Once you get your free website audit report, if you want information about the report’s findings or you want to get help with your website, feel free to reach out to us for a quote or with your questions. We would love to be part of your story.

Your free website audit report will give your site an overall “health” score (with 100% being the best possible score – no errors or warnings).  The report will also tell you if you’ve got broken links, images missing alt-tags, problems with page Headings (H1, H2, etc.), missing or inadequate meta titles and descriptions, pages with low text/HTML ration, and other factors Google (and other search engines) take into account when determining where to place your site’s pages in online search results.

Even addressing what might seem like small items can help you move up in search results, which means your business gets found more often in online search; such as: .

  • Repairing broken links in your menus
  • Repairing or redirecting broken outbound links (links to other websites)
  • Writing appropriate, search-optimized page titles, URLs, and meta descriptions
  • Editing your pages’ H1, H2 and other headings
  • Setting up 301 redirects to current pages for web pages you have deleted – which are no longer live on your site
  • Writing search-optimized website content for pages with low text/HTML ratio
  • Adding alt-tags to your site’s images – and so on

You may be able to address most of these items yourself; if not, many can be quickly addressed and we would be happy to help you manage your site’s content and code in alignment with Google’s best practices for businesses that want their site to move up in SERP (search engine result placement). Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation proposal to help with website edits needed.

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