Infographic - Data Never Sleeps 5.0 and 9 Takeaways for Marketers

Infographic – Data Never Sleeps 5.0 and 9 Takeaways for Marketers in 2017

We never get tired of DOMO’s infographics and Data Never Sleeps 5.0 is no exception. Find out what’s trending and how the digital marketing landscape is changing right now.

Data Never Sleeps 5.0 - Global internet users


9 Marketing Takeaways from the Data Never Sleeps 5.0 Infographic

Everyone Cares About… the Weather

Up from 13.8 million forecast requests in 4.0, The Weather Channel now receives upwards of 18 million weather forecast requests in an internet minute. Marketers can use common topics like weather, coffee, wine, beer, food, color and other topics (a) everyone uses or enjoys and (b) everyone has a unique opinion about to get the attention of the public at large and get them to weigh in, too.

The Sharing Universe is Alive and Well

Sure, only about one quarter of U.S. adult internet users use Twitter, but boy, do they use it. Though the platform’s numbers weren’t shared in 4.0, Data Never Sleeps 5.0 says that we are tweeting at the rate of 456,000 tweets per minute, up from 347,222 tweets per minute in Data Never Sleeps 3.0. Who else made the sharing is caring list?

  • Instagram users post 46,740 photos per minute
  • Snapchat users share 572,760 snaps more than doubling their 284,722 in 3.0
  • LinkedIn gets more than 120 new members every minute

And Speaking of Sharing, Ride Sharing: Uber riders take 45,788 trips every minute.

And Data is Being Consumed

Americans use 2,657,700,000 MB of data every minute this year, compared to 18,264,840 MB of data every minute last year (yah, we know, like, wow!) Some of that is for texting. Data Never Sleeps 5.0 says that 15.2 million texts are sent every minute. 4.0 lists text sent in the U.S. every year as 3.6 million, so we’re not sure whether 5.0 is a world-wide number. If it’s a U.S. only number that’s an incredible increase in texts per minute year over year.

Because We’re All Getting our GIPHY On

Nearly 700k GIFs are being served up every minute now, compared to 570k one year ago. GIFs are the new memes, with motion trumping stationary images when it comes to getting attention every time.

And Watching Lots of Videos

55 percent of people watch online videos every day (Insivia). YouTube users consume more than 4.1 million videos and BuzzFeed users view 50,925 videos every minute. According to 4.0, YouTube users added 400 hours of new video to the platform every digital minute.

But Not All Video is Gaining

Netflix, which served up 86,805 hours of video in 4.0 and 77,160 in 3.0, has seen use decline significantly year over year. Data Never Sleeps 5.0 lists Netflix hours of video streaming per minute now at 69,444 hours. It’s probably fair to surmise that much of their losses come thanks to Cable and other streaming networks and gains made by Amazon Video, especially with the success of Amazon Prime.

Amazon, in Fact, is Winning

Data Never Sleeps 5.0 lists Amazon sales at $258,752 in sales per minute. In 4.0 that number was a paltry $222,283 per minute last year. Amazon has had a lot of wins over the years; who knows what they’ll win next?

While Google is Just Holding Their Own?

It’s hard to believe, really, and we had to go back to Data Never Sleeps 2.0 for the last listing. Data Never Sleeps 5.0 says that Google handles 3.6 million searches a second while 2.0 listed that stat as over 4 million three years ago. They, too, might be losing out on some searches to Amazon. Reports are now that 55 percent – over half – of all product searches start on Amazon, not Google or any other search engine or retail shopping site.

If Email is King, Spam is its Court Jester

If you’ve found yourself deleting a significant portion of the messages that make it into your inbox, you’re not alone. 103 million spam emails are sent every minute. Email continues to be a top producer for marketers today, but it’s easy to cross the line from helpful to over-zealous in the user’s inbox. Make sure that every email your company sends adds value to the conversation, or recipients might decide to lump you in with all that other spam.

They say that change is the only constant. We can’t wait to see what DOMO has in store for the digital universe in Data Never Sleeps 6.0 next year.

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Source: DOMO Data Never Sleeps Infographic 5.0


Infographic - Data Never Sleeps 5 and 9 Takeaways for Marketers in 2017

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  2. […] You might also like: Infographic – Data Never Sleeps 5.0 9 Takeaways for Marketers […]

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