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The Most Important Salon Retail Product Merchandising Tip

Quick Merchandising Tip #5: Show them how it would look at their house. 

(Inspired/adapted from the Top 12 Visual Merchandising Tips – Tip #5 – at by Rick Segel, January 2009)

The Most Important Salon Retail Product Merchandising Tip

This is one of my favorite merchandising tips.  It falls with several others that lie under the general heading, “Don’t assume that your customers know…”

Remember the commercial for Calgon Bubble Bath with the woman in the great big bathtub overlooking greenery, flowers, etc., and the feeling that was stimulated in your own mind when she said, “Calgon, take me away!”    You knew, at that moment, what Calgon did for her, and what it would obviously do for you.  They didn’t show you a line up of Calgon products sitting on the shelf at the store, they showed you the experience so that you could imagine yourself as the commercial’s star. 

The advertisers for Calgon knew something important, and it was this: 

Don’t assume that your customers know how to translate the products that they see on your shelves into personal use at home: 

  • Tell them what they should buy, how to use it at home, and what to expect when they do. 
  • Create signage/merchandising displays that mimic how a prescribed grouping of products would look in their home, whether it’s a selection of skin care or makeup products, a selection of hair and scalp products, a selection of bath/spa items, etc. 
  • Stimulate the customer’s imagination with displays (including visual display as well as scents, sounds, texture, etc.,) that gets the customer all the way to wanting to feel how they would feel if they aleady own these products – this is something that a floor to ceiling set of shelves lined with products cannot do!