5 Ideas for Promoting IT Services by Changing Your Point of View

5 Ideas for Promoting IT Services by Changing Your Point of View

Capitalize on job market momentum; use these ideas for promoting IT services to grow your IT staffing agency to the next level.

IT Job Growth Holding Its Own; Ideas for Promoting IT Services to Gain Market Share

Increasing market share is one of the three basic tenets of financial management. For one thing, proactively promoting IT services is necessary to ensure that new clients are coming on board to offset client turnover, before you can even think about whether your IT services agency is growing. With IT job growth holding steady despite overall workforce deceleration, executing new ideas for promoting IT services now can help your IT staffing agency grow to the next level.

Gain IT Staffing Agency Market Share by Promoting IT Services Strategically

There’s a saying that goes like this: If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. The idea is that merely applying the gas pedal to the marketing vehicles you’re already using isn’t necessarily going to get you where you want to go any faster. Gaining market share often requires a change of mindset that produces changes in the marketing tactics you’re applying. Here are five mindsets you can adopt in order to breathe new life into your IT staffing agency marketing plan.

1. Think Like a Client

Why do clients come to you? What would your clients say they love most about working with you? What types of things do they ask for that you can’t provide? How strong do candidates need to be for clients to spend the extra money needed to turn a temporary placement into a regular hire?

Thinking like a client is invaluable in helping you refine your agency’s client experience, discover unmet needs that lead to new service options, upselling to increase your agency’s average sale, and to identify which of your brand’s features and benefits actually matter to your target audience.

2. Think Like Your Competitors

What differentiates your competitors’ services from those of your IT staffing agency? In which market segments are they out-competing you? Which are they ignoring? Have they launched new services or do you have reason to believe they’re planning to?

Negating competitors’ unique selling points or promoting IT services by focusing on your own should be a regular part of your agency’s marketing strategy; however, it’s easy to be so consumed with what’s going on in your own agency that you miss competitor’s moves.

3. Think Like Tomorrow’s Here

What tech is on the horizon that will drive talent demand over the next few years? What types of services are your clients likely to outsource in the future rather than hire for, and vice versa? Are any of the competitors who hold significant market share for specific skills likely to leave the field? Will new ones be coming in?

It would be great if you had a crystal ball that made it easy to see how your industry will change, but you really don’t need one. You do, however, need to ensure your agency is beginning to pivot now in order to capitalize on the trends that are most likely to impact future talent demand.

4. Think Like a Job Seeker

What types of placements are the most highly qualified candidates most interested in? What types of cultures do they want to work in? What type of organizational structure and oversight do they prefer? How much do they need to make? Do they want to work all the time or take time off between placements?

Your ability to attract and provide employers with top-tier candidates is everything when it comes to client retention and word of mouth; however, agency marketing is often heavily weighted toward client acquisition. The better you understand (and provide) what motivates and resonates with the candidates who are most likely to make your IT staffing agency look good, the more likely they are to want to work with you.

5. Think Long-Term

What will your agency look like 5, 10 or even 20 years from now? How will it retain its brand identity and values over time? Who will lead when you’re gone?

The road map that will help your agency grow and thrive twenty years into the future includes annual strategic long range planning, contingency planning, organizational culture development and succession planning. Failure to address these questions is likely to erode your brand over time and (as in the case when leaders retire) could lead to struggles your staffing agency is ultimately unable to overcome. Preserve your brand and its legacy by spending time each year on long-term strategies.

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