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Top 5 Fall Color Marketing Ideas for Salon and Spa

Summer is over (well, what summer we had; this year Seattle lived up to reputation!) and it’s time for your customers to get out warmer clothes – warmer in color as well as weight – for fall.

Here are 5 ideas to generate fall color profits! 

  • Clip fall-color-appropriate photos from magazines or fall catalogs and create a Fall Color Inspiration sheet to stimulate fall color services for in-salon display, inclusion on your website and e-mail marketing that includes a bullet list of the hair or makeup services needed to achieve each look and a special package price running through the fall.
  • Create Fall Color nails or makeup retail collections and sell at a special price.
  • Help move aging inventory and give away a Fall Color nail polish with purchase of manicure/pedicure service, or offer Fall Colors at half off with service.  Incentivize clients who have never tried your  manicures/pedicures with the lure of a free product with add-on service at appointment.
  • Create a Fall Color Tote including selections from your Fall polish and makeup colors and pair with a fall tote for retail sale. Take pictures of your Tote and Collection and promote online on your website, in your e-mail marketing, and on your Facebook page.
  • Hold a contest and award one entrant in October with a free Fall Color Tote with collection; allow people to enter at their appointments, on your website, your Facebook page and highlight in your e-mail and/or direct mail marketing pieces.  Or, take nominations from clients and the public via in-salon entry form, website, e-mail and/or Facebook page and donate one Fall Color Tote with Collection to a deserving local teacher, military spouse, non-profit volunteer, or other community servant.  If you donate to a worthy recipient, write up your event and submit a press release to local newspapers and radio stations.  Contests are a great way to build your contact database; every entry form should include e-mail address collection which should be added to your e-mail database.  Follow up by thanking all entrants and extending a special Fall Color or other bounceback offer.

Elizabeth Kraus, 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa | 2011 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar