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5 Ways to use Video Marketing for Small Business

Video marketing for small business is an important strategy to remember. As a small business owner, you want to make sure your clients understand everything about your business and what it stands for. These are five of the best ways your small business should be using video marketing in your marketing strategy.

Five great ideas your company should use when it comes to video marketing for small business.

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Show what you do in the community.

Is your small business putting out the effort to make a difference in your community and the world? Then show your work! Any time you organize an event in the community meant for charity, bringing people together, and giving back, make sure to hire someone (or even use the talent already in your work place if that’s too spendy) to take pictures and videos at the event. Even if you don’t have the time or resources to make a lengthy video showing what you do for your community, putting pictures of the event up with a short bio on your website will be a great asset for you to share and get positive publicity. This video by Toms is a great example of how you can use video marketing for small business to show the good you do in your neighborhood:

Tell a touching story.

If your small business has a story, don’t forget to tell it. Consumers tune in to stories they can relate to, so don’t over complicate this one. Maybe you have given customers free products and services in the past based on tough circumstances they were in. Maybe you went out of your way as a business owner to do the right thing even though your pocket book took a hit. This is your chance to toot your own horn! Check out an example of video marketing that nails this made by GoPro, and relate to how you can use this kind of video marketing for small business:

Explain what your company is all about.

Your clients might know what your small business does and what your mission is, but make it clear to the rest of the world by telling your story in a video marketing campaign. This doesn’t have to be a detailed account of everything you do, in fact a high level overview of your business is what you should aim for with this type of marketing. This type of video marketing for small business should show not only what you do, but how you do it. If you’re all about your swag and humor, then show it. If you’re all “all about the business” and no non-sense, then show that. Take what you are, and own it. Dollar Shave Club has a great video marketing campaign that shamelessly shows what they are all about:

Make a “how-to” video for your business. 

When it comes to video marketing for small business, making sure your clients know how to use your products and services is just as important as making sure they know where to buy them. Whether your product is simple or complex, an effective how to video not only helps out your clients, but also is a great product that can be shared over and over again. Some of the best “how to” video marketing for small business videos cut out the extra fat and only show the meat and bones, so to speak, so keep this in mind when making yours. We’ve all seen our fair share of ‘Tasty’ videos on Facebook, but here’s a refresher as a good example:

Show “a day in the life” at your business.

Using video marketing for small business is the best way to show what it’s REALLY like to work at your business. Who better to show how great it is to work your company than your satisfied employees? Whether you want to showcase how much fun you have every day at your office, how intriguing your day to day business is, or how awesome your product is to use you can use video like this to do the job. Lyft uses ride along videos, like this one with Richard Sherman, to show what it’s like to ride and drive with them.

No matter what strategy you use to make your video, make sure you remember to share it on all platforms, make it easy to find, and keep your best work front and center of your website.

Video marketing for small business can be a powerful way to promote your business and get the word out about what you do and how you do it. At the Marketing Desks, we can help you in any step of this process for your business. From strategic video marketing planning for small business to end to end filming and editing, we can provide you with a stellar video marketing campaign.

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