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It’s that time of year again. There’s a chill in the air, holiday music around every corner, and the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping is on. As a small business owner this is the time of year you take advantage of big sales and need laser focus to make the most of it, but this holiday season don’t forget to capitalize on one of your biggest opportunities: giving back to your community. Not only will this make you and your employees feel the warm fuzzies, but will also get your name out in the community. These are five of the best ways your small business can give thanks this holiday season.

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5 Creative Ideas to Inspire Your Small Business Giving This Holiday Season

1. Plan a volunteer team-outing.

What better way to unify your office as a small business owner than to have an interactive, team bonding event where you give back to your community. Take a few hours in the evening, a weekend morning, or even a whole day this holiday season and plan to volunteer as a group. Volunteer events at public places like soup kitchens and shelters are easy, always welcomed ways to give back and also make for great opportunities to be seen in your community. Another fun volunteer event would be to clean up a local park or neighborhood. These kinds of outings will put your business and yourself as a leader in a great light to be seen in.

2. Give a portion of your profits to charity.

Giving a small part of your proceeds as a small business owner for a weekend, week, or even a month long is another way you can engage with your clients while donating to your favorite charity. Have fun with this giving campaign at your business. Collaborate with your team to decide which charity would be best to give to or even make your own charity campaign. Whatever you decide to do, you can count on this to be another way to be known in your community and have a nice tax write off when April rolls around next year.

3. Sponsor an event in your community.

Don’t limit yourself on this one. Whether you want to sponsor a local tree lighting event, Christmas festival, community potluck, or even a local youth sports team just go for it. There’s no better time of year to make the choice for your small business to sponsor something in your community. Even if you don’t have monetary funds sponsor a whole event, making any kind of contribution or bringing your team to the event to volunteer their time will have the same effect. Once again, you’ll be seen leading your employees out in the community to bring people together, network, and increase the public’s enjoyment of whatever event you sponsor. Having your company’s name printed on a big banner at the big Christmas festival in your neighborhood will leave a memory in the heads of all who attend.

4. Start a giving-drive in your office.

A few posters, colored markers, and a big box are all you need to get this one going. Find what your employees seem to be passionate about. Do you have an office full of fashionistas, semi-pro chefs, or game lovers? Choose based off of your strengths and your team will really get into this one. In fact, if you want to turn up the heat on this challenge, make it a competition between different parts of your office (sales, marketing, etc.) to see who can donate the most or be the most creative with their donations. This is something everyone involved in your small business will get into and can go for as long as you want it to last keeping engagement levels high around your office.

5. Throw a holiday block party.

Why limit your company Christmas party to just your own employees when you can invite the whole neighborhood! Ok, maybe you don’t need to invite every person on the block in your area, but take the opportunity this holiday season to organize a party, potluck, or mixer for the small businesses in your community. This is one of the best ways to show your support for the companies in your area and also network with other business owners.


No matter how you choose to help your community this holiday season, remember to have fun and actually take the time to do it. You’ll benefit from networking, publicity, team bonding, and strengthen your leadership in your company. When consulting with small businesses, we help with event planning, email marketing, and advertising campaigns for not only the holiday season but for all times of year. Contact us today if you have questions or are ready to get started on a new marketing plan for your small business.

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