Best Apps For The Savvy Real Estate Agent

One of the things taken for granted these days is that all powerful, ever evolving device we keep in our pockets at all times: the smartphone. As a real estate agent preparing for the busy time of year, the apps you choose to download on your phone can make your work life simpler and make you the best agent you can be for your client. From simplifying your contract process, to navigation, to photography, these are the top ten apps every real estate agent must have on their smartphones.


10 Apps Every Real Estate Agent Must Download

Home Listing Apps

Pick your poison on this one, but just remember to not limit yourself to just one app. Your boss-man might want you to have your company’s app or something similar, but downloading apps like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin to your phones is maybe even more important. The reality is most consumers looking at homes will have questions or want to see homes they found on their own, and they aren’t finding them on the MLS. Clients will use the more common apps listed above, so be prepared and be knowledgable on how to use them before you head out to show homes.

Real Estate Agent Mortgage Calculator

As a real estate agent, you might work closely with one or multiple mortgage brokers to refer your clients to, but being knowledgable before you even hand someone off with help increase your clients’ confidence in you. There are multiple options to download to your phone if you search for “mortgage calculators”, so play around with a couple and get comfortable with your favorite one. Setting the right expectations for your clients for their monthly costs is one of the most important things to do.


If you haven’t tried Waze yet for your navigation needs, it’s time to have your mind blown. Apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps are solid apps to get you where you are going, but when your minutes are precious you want to make sure you have the most up to date traffic information. Waze not only uses the information that the other traffic apps use, but also information from drivers in the community to report speed traps, accidents, and traffic jams that some others might miss and connects with your social media to integrate addresses. If you want the reputation as an on-time real estate agent, use the app that fits your needs the best.


Your clients will look to you to be the expert on all things in the neighborhood you work in. As a real estate agent, Yelp is more than just a way for you to leave a review at the last place you ate. Not only will you be able to know the best places for food, entertainment, and nightlife you you’ll also be able to receive feedback from your clients to know where you shine and where you want to put in work to get better.


Sharing documents may sound simple with the advances of technology these days, but not everyone has an easy time with it. Dropbox can help real estate agents easily share documents, photos, and videos with clients and also other agents. This is especially useful when you don’t have access to your computer or you need to share a larger size file.


Remember when you watched your friend live from a sunny beach in Florida on Facebook and got really jealous? Well, you don’t want your clients to be jealous, but using an app like Periscope will allow you to connect closely with your clients and put excitement in their lives as you show things like new properties and open houses. Periscope lets you stream your live video onto Twitter and Facebook and your followers will be notified when you are “live”.


If you have the freedom to choose a document sharing and signing up to use as a real estate agent, this would be the best pick. Of all the choices out there this is the most cost efficient for the perks you’ll get. It’s also rated as one of the most user friendly apps to share documents with clients and have them returned and signed. When you’re in a time crunch to get things signed, user friendly and speed are two of the most important attributes.


Organization is key for today’s real estate agent as you’ll constantly have your plate full. With Cam-Scanner, you’ll be able to scan receipts and documents to keep track of your expenses. Whether you need to report these to your boss or just need to track them for tax purposes, having this app or a similar app through your bank, for example, is something you can’t afford to go without.


As a real estate agent, quality video can set you apart from your competition. What’s even better than having quality video? Having quality video you can edit instantly on your phone and upload to social media or your website. Videolicious will let you make easy video walk throughs of your properties to showcase their beauty. You’re not limited to just one video editing app, so choose the one that you like to use the best and use it often.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This one is self explanatory. If you have a hot house you know you are ready to get moved, it’s time to edit some quick pictures and make that property shine with this app. Simple, easy to use, and professional are a few words to describe this app. What more could you ask for as a real estate agent?

Setting yourself up for success as a real estate agent starts with streamlining the smartphone you carry everywhere with you. These apps are all great suggestions, but having them on your phone isn’s enough. Proactively using these apps will increase your productivity, make you more organized, and make you stand out as an active agent in your community. Juggling all of these responsibilities effectively will make you a superstar, but it isn’s always easy. At The Marketing Desks, we can help you be the best real estate agent you can be. Whether you need help with photography, editing, videography, social media management, or email marketing, we have the solutions to help make you successful. Contact us today to find out how we can be a part of your story.

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