Can’t change your leader? Change how you follow

I am self employed, and you have no idea how many times I want to give my boss a piece of my mind. 

But I have worked for other people in the past in corporations from small to large, so I know that no matter how great the company is that you work for, or how wonderful the person is that you report to, there are times that it’s difficult to work for someone else.  For me, the toughest difficulties arose when I didn’t agree with the direction or priorities that were being set, when I felt a boss had betrayed or undermined me, or when someone was more than willing to take my ideas and extra work in order to build their own empire, and I felt that I had no opportunity to move up no matter how much I was willing to bring to the table.  I was always destined to become an entrepreneur, because these type of actions on the part of others always led to discontent strong enough to cause me to gain the skills needed in order to move to a new role, and eventually to “work for myself,” so that now when I experience strong discontent, I have the means to deal with my boss on equal footing! 

If you’re not yet able to do that, this article on Harvard Business Review provides some suggestions for strategies to help you work more successfully with three different types of leaders so that both of you can be more happy and more productive in your day to day work.

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