Get your green on! A Spring 2011 trend you should try now

Straight from the runways of Fashion Week for Spring 2011, get ready to get your green on when it comes to eyeshadow.  Why?  According to this article on, green is gorgeous – on everyone. touts it as a universally flattering color for every eyeshadow; green is also connected with growth, prosperity, renewal, peace and happiness!   Check out how this trend was used by several designers with several different takes. 

Merchandising tips?

  • Get some of the pictures from your favorite fashion mags or from collections from Spring 2011 Fashion Week that are available all over the internet and create an 8.5 x 11 page to frame and display at your makeup counter or at your point of purchase, along with some of your favorite green eyeshadows. 
  • Create station/mirror talkers touting the trend coming for spring. 
  • Create a special add-on promotion for customers who add a green eyeshadow to their service or another retail purchase. 
  • Get connected with a landscaping, yard supply or plant nursery in your area and create a cooperatively marketed offer for your customers and for theirs when it comes to getting their green on personally, and in the yard or garden.  

Many women (I’m one of them) would love to experiment more with eyeshadow but we truly don’t know how, and aren’t always brave enough to try.  So don’t forget to teach your customers how to use these green eyeshadows to recreate the designer looks you are displaying, or to create a whole new look for themselves. 

Now go out and get your green ON! 

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