Valentines Day marketing ideas to get more customer love

5 Ways to Get More Customer Love – Valentines Day Marketing Ideas + Infographic


Valentines Day Statistics + 5 Valentines Day Marketing Ideas to Improve Customer Relationships

1. Get Engaged

Two million people – that’s how many people expect to make or receive a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day. In fact, about 10% of all proposals occur on Valentine’s Day annually (

Share creative marriage proposal ideas on your social networks and blog. Ask people to share their engagement stories on your social networks or feature some of the best on your blog.

Help out would-be spouses by facilitating special, one-of-a-kind proposals at your business on Valentine’s Day. Incentivize February purchases by sponsoring a contest with prize packages that pertain to proposals or weddings; such as, jewelry (or gift cards), trips, photography, wedding dress shop or men’s wear, hair and makeup services, etc.

2. Hit the Sweet Spot: The five most popular Valentine’s Day gifts (in order of popularity) are:

  • Cards
  • Candy
  • Eating Out
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts still hit the sweet spot for many U.S. consumers; however, there are many who resort to traditional gift ideas for lack of creativity. Be sure that you let customers know about the products or services you sell that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts and make your suggestions specific.

If you offer unique Valentine’s Day gifts, write a post for your website and blog and share these ideas out across your social networks in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, when local consumers may be Googling search terms such as “unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas” or “unusual Valentine’s Day gift ideas,” etc.

3. Tie a String Around Your Customer’s Finger

When someone ties a string around their finger, it was because they want to remember something later on. Though you may not have thought about this old-school memory technique for many years, thanks to the advent of the digital age, where reminders of just about every kind can be automated, it’s still a useful tool.

Serve up reminders to your contacts about your Valentine’s Day gift ideas or Valentine’s Day destination spot using social networks, email and text messaging. Encourage customers to ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorite’ product or service pages on your website or add them to their wish list for purchase later on.

4. Change the Channel

In 2013, it was expected that over 40% of Valentine’s Day gifts would be purchased on Smartphones; it stands to reason that the percentage of gifts purchased on Smartphones for Valentine’s Day 2014 will be even higher.

If you haven’t already, use one of the easy mobile sites to convert all or even just a portion of your website to mobile-friendly displays. Set up 1-click to order options for your most popular Valentine’s Day gift items and use email and text messaging to direct your contacts right to those pages for easy over-the-smartphone ordering.

5. Wait ‘Til the Last Minute

Some of your customers will – for whatever reason – wait until the last minute to buy Valentine’s Day gifts. Make sure you set up a last-minute marketing campaign that directs last-minute shoppers to gift ideas that will keep them out of the dog house on Valentine’s Day. Allow for over-the-phone or Smartphone ordering, free or for-fee gift wrapping and fast, in-store pick up or local delivery.

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