Home decor trend colors 2015 spring and summer

Real Estate Marketing: Using Trend Colors to Engage Buyers and Sellers

Real estate pros like realtors and mortgage lenders can tap into the power of color in order to engage home buyers and home sellers.  Using Pantone’s 2015 trend colors for spring and summer, here’s how to use color to get the attention of your target market.

Home decor trend colors 2015 spring and summer

Do you have a favorite color?  I thought so. Guess what: So does everybody else. And while they won’t say so, most people – including most home buyers and home sellers – think their favorite color is better than your favorite color, and they will be more than happy to tell you all about it.

While working as the sales and marketing director for a regional home builder, I published a number of blog articles that drove traffic back to the new home builder’s website, as well as drove ready-to-buy buyers into their new home communities.  Why?  Because the home buying journey usually starts online.  Gone are the days when new home buyers will drive around from sign to sign. Why should they when they can “see” hundreds of homes for sale in the neighborhoods where they want to live while sitting on the couch in their jammies, sipping coffee – or wine – with their tablet or smartphone in hand?

Some of the blog articles that I wrote two years ago are still getting 300+ views EVERY WEEK.  Every week!  Content has staying power.  Realtors that understand this and learn how to use content in their real estate marketing to engage home buyers and home sellers at the beginning of their real estate journey – or even before it begins – have the ability to gain marketshare before it even hits the market!

So what kind of content can you include in your real estate marketing plan to attract local home sellers or local home buyers to your real estate web site or blog?  Here are a few lifetime stats for some of the posts I wrote in 2012:

More than 20,000 views

  • Housewarming party etiquette and housewarming gift ideas
  • 2013 color and design ideas for bedrooms

3-5,000 views

  • New home decorating with turquoise, teal and aqua
  • 2013 trend colors for interior design, home fashion and more
  • Making a grand entrance
  • Top 10 superstitions of new home owners
  • Home office decorating ideas
  • Fall 2012 color trends for interior design and decor

Four of the top eight blog posts have to do with color.  To create them took nothing more than accessing sites such as Houzz.com, Homedit.com, home decor magazines, etc., to find photos showing home decor in current fashion trend colors and adding a few color swatches from the trend color palette in order to give readers color inspiration.

Using web content to grow a realtor client base

With that primer in mind, below you will find an infographic that lists the 2015 trend colors (2015 Pantone colors) derived from what is being shown on fashion runways and in home decor, paint color and other trends that will interest those who are thinking about what colors they want to use in their next new home, as well as their current home.

These colors can also help you as you advise home sellers in repainting and staging needed to prepare a home for sale.  When home sellers add pops of color in pillows, bedding, window coverings and other accents, or use softer shades for wall colors and accent walls they create a connection for home buyers that things are fresh, updated and up-to-date.

2015 real estate marketing ideas calendarNow that the housing market is hot again, more and more sales professionals will be moving into real estate selling and brokering professions. Get ahead of the pack using the real estate marketing ideas laid out in the 2015 Marketing Calendar for Real Estate Pros!

If you work the tactics laid out in the 2015 Marketing Calendar for Real Estate Pros, you will put yourself and your business in position to engage with home buyers and home sellers at the early stage of the buying journey, because they will find you online.


Infographic for Real estate marketing ideas with 2015 Pantone colors



Elizabeth Kraus is the marketing manager for business cash advance and receivables factoring company DB Squared Inc. and the author of From Beginning to End: 2014 Small Business Marketing Calendar, available on amazon.com.

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