Real Time Mobile Marketing - 6 Ways to Get Real Marketing ROI

5 Ways to Up Your Real Time Mobile Marketing Game

With use of mobile devices constantly increasing for product research and browsing, companies need to add real time mobile marketing tactics in order to capture online sales made from any type of device. Here are six real time mobile marketing strategies to help.

5 Ways to Do More Real Time Mobile Marketing for Real Marketing ROI

Here are six marketing tactics to execute in real time to attract shoppers who are ready to buy:

  1. Make sure your website is optimized for fast, easy mobile search (and research)
  2. Extend offers to mobile shoppers in real time relative to recent searches or visits to your website
  3. Capture email and mobile device contacts through subscription forms and at the point of sale in order to send limited time and real time offers on relevant products or services
  4. Monitor social media conversations and group topics to proactively find and interact with prospects searching for a business like yours
  5. Analyze data available in analytics to find trends showing you what times of day / which days of the week or month, etc., people are looking for a business, products or services like yours

A strong real time mobile marketing plan is a must-have, not a nice-to-have

An increasing majority of purchasing decisions start – and end – with online inquiries; first to research purchases online and last, to find out the nearest, least expensive, most valuable offer or otherwise “best” place to buy. Consider these statistics about consumer buying behavior when it comes to making major purchases in 2013 (from GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study):

  • *81% of consumers go online before even heading out to the store (up 20% from 2012)
  • Consumers spend an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase
(*Google’s “Zero Moment of Truth” estimates this number to be even higher, at 88%)

Without question, your website must be optimized for search so that consumers who are starting or continuing to research the type of products or services you sell – or who are looking for businesses like yours in your community – can find you. But that’s just the beginning.

real time mobile marketing ideas


Once consumers are ready to buy, they search online for the best place to purchase what they want (or to make a final comparison between their top few choices). In fact, according to a Google and Nielsen study featured on, marketers have only limited time to capitalize on mobile searches:

  • 55% of all conversions occurred within one hour
  • 63% of all follow up actions occurred within one hour

Giving marketers a total window of just 5 hours from the time of mobile search, the Google and Nielsen study concluded that within five hours of a mobile search 81% of conversions and 84% of all follow up actions had occurred.

Knowing that consumers and B2B buyers alike are researching purchases independently, to the extent that by the time they make contact with a salesperson they are already ready to buy should change the way you focus your marketing efforts – including the adoption of “real time marketing” tactics designed for mobile devices to help capture buyers who are ready to pull the trigger; because:

  • 45% of mobile searches are conducted to help with a purchasing decision
  • 75% of mobile searches conducted in-store are done to help with a purchasing decision

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