5 Ways to Use Sandwiches to Build Business

November 2 is ‘Sandwich Day’ and who doesn’t like at least some kind of sandwich?   For that matter, doesn’t the fact that you can create any number of sandwiches from simple to complex, cold, hot, plain or smothered and covered – literally in endless variety limited only by your imagination and dictated by your own personal preferences and tastes – doesn’t that just scream marketing? 
Because marketing is about using the ingredients that you have on hand to create products and services that are appetizing to your customers.  Marketing is about creating a visual (and sometimes auditory) taste of what you have to offer in order to entice people to buy what you are selling. 
The official “Sandwich Day” is November 2, but you can use these ideas any time you are hungry for more customers, more sales, more profit.  Here are 5 ways to use Sandwich Day to build business in the salon or spa:
  1. Exchange marketing materials for display and extend a special offer to customers of local caterers or a local deli, café, or sandwich shop.
  2. Working with a local caterer, create a holiday party package where the caterer will prepare the party food and you will prepare the party look for clients.  This offer should be marketed to both sets of clients. 
  3. Hold a sandwich ‘happy hour’ for customers for a week, weekly for a month, or on an on-going basis.  Invite local caterers to provide sandwich customers for your happy hour or to bring in samples from time to time during traditional lunch hours. 
  4. Hold a special tasting hour and invite customers to come (and to bring a friend) to sample appetizer-sized samples and wine, beer, or a non-alcoholic beverage. 
  5. Create a special ‘Sandwich’ promotion where you ‘sandwich’ a free service (or product) in between two services purchased buy the client; it’s another way to offer a buy 2-get 1 type of offer in a new way.

Hungry?  Good!
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