Holiday merchandising tips 1-2, work from the outside, in and set the mood

Last week I posted an article for 12 holiday merchandising tips on – tip #1 is to work from the outside in, and tip #2 is to set the mood. 

  • What can you do to your entry, windows, etc., in order to draw in people who are going to neighboring businesses – people who might not otherwise have stopped by? 
  • What can you do so that what your customers see on the outside of your business sets the mood for what you want them to feel on the inside? 
  • How can you start making retail and gift purchase suggestions (without saying a word) before your customer even walks in the door?

Here are some examples of businesses who did just that —

This first example is a window display for Hallowe’en — using some accessories that you could purchase rather cheaply right after the holiday – can’t you just see embellishing something like this with a goth red lip and nail polish display? 

The circles in this salon’s window decor would be easy to dress up for any holiday, and would be a great place to display featured items or pre-packaged gifts. 

This salon creates the spirit of the north pole by creating a focal point in their window and adding some cute accessories — all that’s missing?  pre-packaged gifts sitting in the sleigh!

Using draping and a small covered table, you can create a strong focus point to set the mood for holiday shopping and display gifts, etc.  This isn’t a perfect example, but it gives you the idea. 

This window display sets the tone for tranquility.

More examples will be coming to highlight the tips; read all 12 holiday merchandising tips here.

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