Become the ‘Deal of the Day’ to Your Customers

If you like to shop, chances are you receive a, or other ‘deal of the day’ marketing e-mail.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your customers couldn’t wait to open an e-mail from you each day or visit your website or Facebook page in order to find out what your ‘deal of the day’ was? 

A successful internet marketing strategy depends on just this:  having something interesting to say, every day, and saying it. 

It doesn’t have to be a literal deal of the day, although you should throw a humdinger of an offer in the mix from time to time.  It could be a link to a fascinating, funny or poignant article.  It could be a motivating, sarcastic or inspirational quote.  It could be telling your customers about area businesses that they should take a look at (like – hint hint! – telling customers about the businesses that you are doing cross and cooperative marketing with!) or making suggestions for local points of interest or recreation. 

It could be a post talking about the last great book you read and why it’s worth reading (with a link to the book on amazon via your amazon associates link – a link that pays you back when your referral buys the book or product!)   It could be sharing an amazing seasonal recipe.  Offering pointers on hair and makeup.  Suggesting a great hiney-sculpting exercise. 

It should be all of these things, and more, as you seek to build a bigger role for your business in the lives of your clients. 

I have surfed the web and seen many a blog site where posts you could tell someone was really, really excited about the site, posted every day for a week, then on an off for a month, then… nothing… for years.  The site sits there just like an abandoned house, shutter banging in the wind, no one taking care of it.  Websites with outdated information.  Facebook pages (and how EASY is it to manage a Facebook page!?) set up with no posts, friends in the list waiting patiently for you to say something – anything. 

So what are you waiting for?  Become the deal of the day for your clients and become a big deal in their lives! 

By the way, the best book I’ve read lately on internet and social marketing strategy is ‘Inbound Marketing’ – the link is below for your resource-shopping convenience!  It’s inexpensive, but it packs really powerful and practical ideas, check lists and tips for how you can maximize hits to your website, Facebook page or blog.  Powerful and practical is a great combination in a book!

The authors of this book own and operate hubspot and they have a great free tool that you can use to evaluate your website (or blog site) against criteria that all of the crawlers and search engines use to rate sites and produce search results.   Visit their web grader site and plug your URL into the first box – you can fill out the rest of the form if you want results in e-mail but you don’t have to (I love how they designed this tool!) 

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