Everything is Marketing, so Don’t Believe Little White Marketing Lie #6

Have you ever wondered how important marketing really is to the life of your business? That’s like asking how important breathing is to your body!


No matter what you want to do or what it is your business provides, marketing is the means to that end. And it’s not just important—marketing impacts, and is impacted by, everything about your business.

You might even say that everything is marketing.


little white marketing lie everything is marketingBecause each and every time a client comes into contact with you or any aspect of your business, each and every interaction works together to paint a picture in the customer or prospect’s mind about you and your business.  Is the picture being painted in all of these encounters all you hope or intend for it to be?


Stop thinking that ‘marketing’ is a verb—something that you should be (or should start) doing. Marketing is not a verb. A verb implies action that begins and ends.

Many people think that the purpose of marketing is to stimulate sales. Wrong!

At it’s most basic level, marketing includes any and all activities undertaken to attract, engage, motivate, and retain customers. Is there any part of your business that doesn’t cover?

Everything that directly or indirectly impacts the customer experience in any way— retailing, communications, policies, your staff and the employee culture, training, advertising, events, your management style, décor, pricing, merchandising—everything must be viewed as part of your marketing.

Elizabeth Kraus – 12monthsofmarketing.com
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