Announcing the release of: Little White Marketing Lies

Announcing the release of Little White Marketing Lies
by Elizabeth Kraus

little white marketing lies

Have you fallen for any of these little white marketing lies?

The Little White Marketing Lies table of contents: 
  • we provide exceptional customer service
  • our employees set us apart
  • word of mouth is our best marketing
  • our customers love us
  • success is just one great idea away
  • marketing is a verb
  • we need to tell people how great we are
  • it takes luck to build a great team
  • employee culture has nothing to do with marketing
  • what’s in the past is in the past
  • there’s no room for emotion in the workplace
  • service professionals aren’t sales people
  • social media isn’t critical to my marketing strategy
  • bigger is better
  • when I apply my logo, I’m branding
Little white marketing lies are common misconceptions that many well-meaning business owners claim to be true, but which usually aren’t.

In fact, these little white marketing lies might even be standing between your business and success.

The new book, Little White Marketing Lies will help you put these and other little white marketing lies to the test, enabling you to identify the true strengths and weaknesses of your business and put your business in the best position to succeed in the future.

Available now
on Little White Marketing Lies is also available for Kindle  and can even be borrowed for free by Amazon Prime members [click here].

In fact – any of my books can be purchased for Kindle – most at just$0.99 each – and most can be borrowed for free as part of the Kindle Lending Library.

It’s going to be a great year!
Elizabeth Kraus

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