Get uncomfortable

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  (Anais Nin)

I love this quote so much!  It so clearly encapsulates important truths.  

First, the truth that people resist change.  At least, most people resist change, to one degree or another.  If you are comfortable, you have no need to change.  If you are not scared, you have no motivation to change.  If you are not hungry, you have no desire to change.  

Second, think about how much more beautiful and fragrant a blossom is than it’s bud!  When you remain in that tight little bud, you keep all of the gifts that you have inside you to yourself.  You keep in your beauty.  You keep in the fragrance that your talent, your voice, your accomplishments will give to the world around you.   

Yet even knowing that the blossom is so much better than the bud, we are often too afraid of the work that it takes to blossom.  Too afraid of the risks we would take, the hurts that we would have to face, the road we would have to walk.  Knowing that the blossom is so much more is not enough.  

It is the hunger for more, the fear of the negative personally, professionally or financially, or the almost unbearable discomfort that we need.  We need the constant catalysts that lead to metamorphosis, to transformation.  

So if you, today, are not comfortable where you are, if you have fears or doubts, or if you simply desire to be more – if you believe that there is more to life, love, work and happiness than “where you are” right now – love that discomfort, don’t resist it.  Don’t be afraid to step forward, even if you cannot see the whole way ahead.  Let your disquiet lead you to where you are more afraid not to blossom than you are to do so!  

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