Top Mothers Day Marketing Ideas for Salon and Spa

Mothers Day spending forecasts aren’t yet out, but since Mother’s Day spending for 2011 was up 11% over that of the previous year (plus other signs that the economy is becoming more robust, including an upward trend in consumer spending in the salon), there’s every reason to believe that this year we’ll meet or exceed last year’s Mothers Day spending levels.

[Source: “2011 Mother’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions survey.” National Retail Foundation (NRF)/BIGresearch. 28 Apr. 2011. Web. 28 Apr. 2011.]

In 2011, U.S. consumers spent just over $140 per person, with men spending an average of 168 each vs. women, who spent less than the average at $114. Which makes sense, since men often buy Mother’s Day gifts for their wives in addition to their moms. Last year’s big winners were electronics sellers, with smartphones, cameras and tablets high on mom’s Mother’s Day wish list, followed by jewelry, restaurants and other businesses.

If you own a salon or spa, or you are an independent beauty professional, then you own one of those “other businesses” and it’s high time to kick your Mother’s Day salon or spa marketing plan into high gear!

3 Mothers Day Marketing Ideas and a 4- Week Mothers Day Marketing  Plan for Salons and Spas

Make your Mother’s Day gift options obvious and easy to find.

You can’t assume that people know that salon and spa gift cards or pampering retail products make great gifts for their moms, grandmothers, aunts, wives and daughters.

  • Merchandise your products and gift cards in such a way that people see them like Mother’s Day gifts in displays in the salon and in signage throughout the salon on station talkers, at the point of purchase, in the waiting area— even in the restroom.
  • Promote your merchandised, Mother’s Day themed product gift baskets and gift cards specifically for Mother’s Day on social media, your blog, your website, your email newsletter and in direct mailings.
  • Make it convenient for people to choose your salon or spa gift options by including Mother’s Day gift tags, greeting cards, gift wrap or gift bags along with your gift options (or make them available for purchase near the display).
  • Remembering that men purchase a significant portion of Mother’s Day gifts overall, you need to put your merchandised Mother’s Day gift options in front of them. This might mean partnering with businesses that have a significant number of male patrons for cross marketing (like golf or mens clubs, recreation facilities, gyms, sporting goods stores, barber shops, etc.)
Mother’s Day “bouquets” aren’t just about flowers.

Flower bouquets are a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but bouquets can come in other shapes and sizes, too. Think of them as bunches, or bundles, and you can then translate your own products or services into great Mother’s Day salon or spa “bouquets” of your own.

Just as you could create a Mother’s Day floral bouquet in one kind, or mix and match from a variety of flowers, you can also do the same in the salon or spa. An example of a salon bouquet with one kind of product would be a salon gift card along with a great shampoo, conditioner and serum, while an example of a mixed salon bouquet might look more like a mixed gift basket filled with travel sized retail professional salon hair products alongside skin care products, make up, nail polish, headbands, hair styling tools or other goodies.

Extend Mother’s Day promotions across multiple marketing channels.

Merchandising and promoting Mother’s Day salon or spa gift ideas must be a multi-channel marketing effort if you want it to bring a return. Simply placing a display near the cash register along with an 8.5 x 11 sign is not going to do the trick.

In today’s ad-saturated culture, it’s vital that you provide a variety of ways for your customers to receive your marketing messages. When you think about the fact that you have about 7 seconds or less to capture someone’s attention, and that your audience members need to be exposed to any single marketing messages 3, 5, or even 10 times before they remember it, you can see why it’s important to use all of the tools available to you.

Here’s an example schedule of how a salon or spa’s Mother’s Day marketing promotional campaign could be promoted across multiple marketing channels in the 4 weeks leading up to Mother’s Day:

Week 1 Salon or Spa Mother’s Day Marketing Plan:
  • Update website landing page with images of Mother’s Day before and after makeovers, Mother’s Day gift baskets or Mother’s Day themed gift cards and post links to:
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Create signage for merchandise display area/s, station talkers, point of sale, waiting area.
  • Send e-mail reminding clients that Mother’s Day is Monday, May 13, 2012 and listing your top 3 Mother’s Day gift options; consider extending an e-mail only codeword for free add-on or early-bird Mother’s Day gift sales.
  • Purchase t-shirts for staff or “flair” buttons for staff to wear saying, “Ask me about our Mother’s Day special!”
  • Create and print quarter-page sized black and white bag stuffers which list 2-3 of your best Mother’s Day gift options and any special offers, add-ons or gifts-with-purchase that you want to use to incentivize the sale of Mother’s Day salon or spa gifts. Include bag stuffers with every purchase or staple them to customer’s receipts during the 4 weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.
  • Identify and speak with potential cross-marketing partners about joint advertising or cross promoting; for instance, you might create tent cards or coasters to place in local sports bars or on the tables of local restaurants which feature your Mother’s Day gift options or a joint-business promotion.
  • Post an article on your blog about Mother’s Day, such as the history of Mother’s Day, famous moms in history, a story about your own mom or your favorite Mother’s Day gift, etc. that also includes a note about the gift options you are offering for Mother’s Day this year.
  • Create scripts for staff to help them start conversations about Mother’s Day behind the chair or at the point of purchase. Make sure staff know that the point is to make it easy and convenient for customers to purchase gifts for Mother’s Day (like how a grocery store cashier will sometimes helpfully ask if you need stamps!)
  • Once every day, post a note on social media to give people a head’s up that Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13, 2012 and list a top Mother’s Day gift option, a customer quote or rave about a product included in the offer, pictures of before and after Mom makeovers, the history of Mother’s Day, “did you know…” style information about Mother’s day or famous moms, etc.
Week 2 Salon or Spa Mother’s Day Marketing Plan:
  • Create and extend a special offer to your rewards club members, VIP customers or your most loyal or important clients for Mother’s Day gift purchases when they book their own appointment or purchase products for themselves.
  • Post a second Mother’s Day oriented article on your blog along with a picture of your Mother’s Day themed gift card or Mother’s Day gift basket.
  • Continue to post 1x daily a bit of trivia about Mother’s Day.
Week 3 Salon or Spa Mother’s Day Marketing Plan:
  • Use your blog, email newsletter and social media status updates to remind your audience that Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and now is the time to buy!
  • Continue posting 1x daily something about Mother’s Day, once every 3 days make this a reminder of the upcoming date along with a specific Mother’s Day gift idea from your salon or spa.
  • Create a “Mother’s Day wish list” of gift ideas to post on your blog, website, email newsletter, and to link to or feature in status updates on social media.
Week 4 Salon or Spa Mother’s Day Marketing Plan:

With just one final week to promote your Mother’s Day gift options, remember that many people will also be shopping at the last minute. Promote your salon or spa’s Mother’s Day gift options as perfect “last minute” gift options by way of postcard mailer, special dedicated Mother’s Day email, your blog, website and social media networks.

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