You’re Too Cool for Facebook

I know people who think it’s some sort of badge of honor that they aren’t on Facebook. When we talk social media they lean back and with a disdainful look on their face proudly assert that they aren’t on Facebook, and they never will be. I read the dumb comments about how Facebook is just for grandmas to look at pictures that moms post and how “that’s all it’s good for.”

I’ve got news for you. If you’re too cool for Facebook, that’s your loss, and it might be a big one.

Why? (Soooooo glad you asked!)

The way I see it, two things are keeping you from realizing what Facebook is and how to use it for business success.

One, you’re ignorant. You don’t really know what Facebook is and why one out of every 11 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook. You have not taken the time to experiment with the tool yourself. You have not taken the time to read the multitude of articles available on how to use Facebook to make business friends and influence them.

Two, you’re lazy. Ok, lazy may be too harsh a word, but maybe you’re just “too busy” doing all of the other things that you’re doing to build business.

Here’s the thing.

Your customers are on Facebook. People in your community. Professionals who share your interests. Members of your target markets and ideal prospective customers. All on Facebook. Without you.

And all those moms and grandmas? Guess what? They’re the ones making 80% of the purchasing decisions.

Too cool for Facebook? It’s like you got invited to a party but decided you were too cool for the venue.

Your customers are there, and they’ll try to miss you. On the other hand, maybe they’ll simply make new friends!


customer loyalty marketing ideasElizabeth Kraus is the author of the 2015 Small Business Marketing Calendar, featuring 12 Marketing Ideas Your Mom Would Hate and hundreds of ideas that can help you increase acquisition, retention and loyalty rates among your clients and customers.

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