Attitude is Everything When Marketing to Women

Attitude is Everything When Marketing to Women

Many ad campaigns launched with the hope of successfully marketing to women shoppers fell flat. The reason why could lie in subtleties rather than taglines; here’s why.

Marketing to Women: 6 Ways Pro-Female Campaigns Provide ROI

With women shoppers dominating the retail marketplace and increasing numbers of women taking their place among B2B buyers and executive decision makers, successfully attracting – and winning over – female buyers is more important than ever before. Here are six factors that can improve your campaigns.

The influence of women on consumer and business spending is staggering. According to, women account for 85% of all consumer spending and a majority of all online spending; plus, there are an increasing number of women in the ranks of B2B buyers and influencers.

Though marketers have long understood the importance of effectively reaching and converting women buyers, many efforts have fallen short of desired returns. Newly released survey findings from SheKnows featured on about how pro-female ads influence women’s buying decisions may provide valuable insights about why past efforts failed to convert and help you guide future campaigns.

6 Reasons Attitude is Everything When Marketing to Women Buyers

92% of women noticed pro-female campaigns

It might seem like common sense, but how you portray the women that represent your ideal client type or typical customer in ad campaigns is very important. Remember that many people buy because they aspire to be like – or achieve the same positive results as – the individuals portrayed in ad campaigns.

71% want brands to promote positive messages to women and girls

Your marketing or ad campaign is far more likely to be engaging, memorable and welcomed by women when it conveys positive messages to women and girls, which, in turn, translates to more positive brand perceptions overall. This trend aligns with an overall trend among consumers and B2B buyers to favor brands they perceive as having a corporate social responsibility program that aligns with their own values.

62% think any brand can do pro-female advertising

Given that 85% of consumer spending overall is done by women, it follows that even products or services geared for the male consumer could benefit with advertising perceived as pro-female in some way.

52% bought something because they liked how a campaign portrayed women

If 92% of women noticed pro-female campaigns and 52% bought something because of pro-female campaigns, this implies a conversion rate of about 56% – a conversion rate that any marketing or advertising professional would love to hang their hat on!

46% followed a brand on social networks because of positive perceptions

Given that women buyers in the consumer and B2B arenas are active on at least one (and usually several) social networks on a daily basis, the importance of adding women followers to a brand’s social networks is obvious. Nearly half of the women surveyed said that they started following a brand on social networks specifically because they perceived a campaign (and consequently the brand) as pro-female.

45% shared pro-female commercials or print ads with their networks

The virality of Dove’s now decade-old real women videos and ads attests the power of pro-female campaigns. Pro-female print ads, commercials, videos and other media are highly sharable online and off.

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Attitude is Everything When Marketing to Women