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Stylist Conversation Tips

As a salon stylist, your job is not only to style your clients but to hold a conversation with them while you do so. Much like a business to consumer transaction, it’s important to steer clear of close ended questions and ask questions that invite your client to answer with more than “yes” or “no.” […]

13 Superstitions A Real Estate Agent Can Learn To Overcome

Every once in awhile, as a real estate agent you’ll run across clients who hold strong superstitions about a house or its features. Could be about mirrors, could be about ladders, could be about knocking on wood for good luck, or could be something you’ve never heard of. Whatever your clients’ belief, it’s important that you overcome […]

January Real Estate Photo Fails

If selling your house is a new year’s resolution, it’s important to spend some time planning how you will photograph your home’s features to attract potential buyers. Cleanliness, need vs. want, and angles are all important when photographing your home. Here are 12 photos that do not follow these guidelines and have made our January […]

Thinking of Creating a Start Up Business?

So your new years resolution is to create a start up business, an idea that you may have been thinking about for awhile. You may be on the fence since you still have a lot of unanswered questions. Will you enjoy the process? How will it affect your schedule? What new skills are required to […]

5 Innovative Restaurants and Food Service Concepts that are Changing the Game

The food and beverage industry is becoming exponentially more imaginative, stimulating the creation of innovative restaurants and food service options to fit desires of every day consumers. 5 Game-Changers – Innovative Restaurants and Food Industry Companies Innovative restaurants don’t just come from menu changes. Changing up a menu isn’t the only way restaurants can innovate. […]

Color Can Improve Your Brand Identity

Brand color is one of the most important decisions you will make as a small business owner. 90% of snap judgments made about products or services are based on color alone. And it isn’t only about what color you choose but how you feel your customers will react with the relation of the color and […]

Kitchen Trends Picked By Millennials

Millennials make up 35 percent of home buyers, the largest share of any generation. So, if you as a real estate agent are targeting to sell your homes to millennials, it’s important that you look at the popular trends for millennials in the kitchen. From hidden outlets, and under cabinet lighting, millennials desire a modern […]

Millennials Want These Features In Their Homes

With the millennial generation being the largest in the US and over 1/3 of the home buying population, it’s important as a real estate agent, to understand and sell to certain features. While having a big yard was important to the baby boomers, that is no longer on the top of mind for millennials. Preferences […]

Best Apps for the Proactive Home Buyer

Buying a home is one of the most stressful yet rewarding milestones in a home buyer’s life. So as a real estate agent, it’s important to educate your buyer on apps that can minimize their stress level and increase their happiness at the end of the home buying process. These 7 apps will help you […]

Social Media Post Shelf Life

Social media marketing is crucial for small businesses to thrive as the world is becoming exponentially more tech savvy. So, you formulated a social media posting calendar to make sure you get your small business out there on multiple platforms, but are you really maximizing your posts? Each social media site has a specific shelf […]

8 Apps That Simplify the E-commerce Experience for Holiday Shopping

As holiday shopping is just around the corner, here are eight apps your customers will be using to make their holiday shopping easier and less stressful. Holiday Shopping Simplified by 8 E-Commerce Apps Stress and cost can take the fun out of holiday shopping. Whether your customers wait too long to buy their gifts or […]