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December 30: Make up your mind day

A new year is coming!   Now is the time to ‘Make Up Your Mind’ to boost business and sales in the new year, and here are 8 places to start:   Make up your mind as a business owner to analyze each and every aspect of your business from a purely client perspective, client […]

The 14 Real Benefits of social, event and email marketing (and your meetings, too!)

I was just reading an article about corporate meetings; specifically, about how meetings can be a big waste of time unless you understand their purpose and use the meeting to accomplish specific goals.  Some people really hate sitting in meetings, because they don’t feel like they are “productive.”  (Because they confuse productivity with actual ‘work.’)  […]

Head in the clouds, or Pie in the Sky?

Today is election day and like me, no doubt you are fed up to here with the non-stop assault of political ads in which rivals assassinate one another’s character while all the time promising to help everyone.  But the truth is that the best solutions are local solutions.  And private charities are far and away […]

Fun and Games at Work

Great finds:  Leigh Anderson’s book, “The Games Bible,” offers up “about 350 diversions meant to make waiting rooms more bearable or parties more interesting,” reports Steven McElroy in the New York Times (10/22/10).   If you are in any type of service industry, chances are that sometimes clients have to wait for you.   Emergencies, high maintenance clients, […]

You do know that I can see you, right?

About an hour ago I was sitting in the parking lot of my kids’ school and saw a man walking across the parking lot to retrieve his children wearing a bright red jacket and eggplant-purple sweats.  I thought to myself, “He does know that we can see him, right?”   Presumably this man lives in a […]

5 Ways to Use Sandwiches to Build Business

November 2 is ‘Sandwich Day’ and who doesn’t like at least some kind of sandwich?   For that matter, doesn’t the fact that you can create any number of sandwiches from simple to complex, cold, hot, plain or smothered and covered – literally in endless variety limited only by your imagination and dictated by your own […]