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8 Ways for Marketing into the New Year

2011 promises to be a good year for those who recognize how the mindset of their customers and prospects has changed.  People are optimistic but cautious, especially those who were most hurt by the economic downturn of the last several years.  Sampling products and mini-services and teaching them how better to use professional products can help […]

December 30: Make up your mind day

A new year is coming!   Now is the time to ‘Make Up Your Mind’ to boost business and sales in the new year, and here are 8 places to start:   Make up your mind as a business owner to analyze each and every aspect of your business from a purely client perspective, client […]

The 14 Real Benefits of social, event and email marketing (and your meetings, too!)

I was just reading an article about corporate meetings; specifically, about how meetings can be a big waste of time unless you understand their purpose and use the meeting to accomplish specific goals.  Some people really hate sitting in meetings, because they don’t feel like they are “productive.”  (Because they confuse productivity with actual ‘work.’)  […]