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5 Ways to Use Sandwiches to Build Business

November 2 is ‘Sandwich Day’ and who doesn’t like at least some kind of sandwich?   For that matter, doesn’t the fact that you can create any number of sandwiches from simple to complex, cold, hot, plain or smothered and covered – literally in endless variety limited only by your imagination and dictated by your own […]

Get uncomfortable

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  (Anais Nin)I love this quote so much!  It so clearly encapsulates important truths.  First, the truth that people resist change.  At least, most people resist change, to one degree or another.  If you […]

What’s So Special About You?

(Excerpt, October chapter of 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa) We all know the economy is tight; in fact, we have grown tired of hearing about it.  Even writing it feels cliché. Fewer customers are coming through the door, and many others are coming back less frequently. Business is slow and tips per […]

The Most Important Salon Retail Product Merchandising Tip

Quick Merchandising Tip #5: Show them how it would look at their house.  (Inspired/adapted from the Top 12 Visual Merchandising Tips – Tip #5 – at www.theretailersadvantage.com by Rick Segel, January 2009) The Most Important Salon Retail Product Merchandising Tip This is one of my favorite merchandising tips.  It falls with several others that lie under the […]

Top 5 Fall Color Marketing Ideas for Salon and Spa

Summer is over (well, what summer we had; this year Seattle lived up to reputation!) and it’s time for your customers to get out warmer clothes – warmer in color as well as weight – for fall. Here are 5 ideas to generate fall color profits!  Clip fall-color-appropriate photos from magazines or fall catalogs and create a Fall Color Inspiration sheet […]