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7 Reasons the Gig Economy May Only Get Giggier and How Your Staffing Agency Can Benefit

With Millennials set to make up three quarters of the workforce by 2025, staffing agencies can leverage the gig economy to grow more quickly. We’ve coupled data from an Elance-oDesk deck titled The 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce and a Kauffman Foundation report that show all signs point to a gig economy that’s only going to […]

Millennials Primed to Be the Most Entrepreneurial Generation Ever – Infographic

Given the statistics, it would be surprising if Millennials did not turn out to be the most entrepreneurial generation ever. They say entrepreneurs are born, not bred, and perhaps it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that Millennials aren’t better prepared for business ownership than previous generations. Whether they develop into the most entrepreneurial generation ever […]

Salon Marketing to Moms: 8 Things My Hairdresser Needs to Know

Being empathetic to how mom-life works could give you an edge in attracting clients with salon marketing to moms. Here are 8 things you need to know about moms to make your salon’s marketing more effective.  For this article we went straight to the source. Our field associate Amanda Groendyke is a working mom (a professional […]

Salon Marketing Priorities – Stop Making Fun of Your Clients on Social Media

Study shows that not making fun of clients tops the list of salon marketing priorities; see what else made the list of cool vs. annoying social marketing tactics.   Attract and Engage New Clients on Social Media with 9 Salon Marketing Priorities We’ve all seen those posts by hairdressers, stylists, estheticians and salon owners with “funny” […]

Is Local Restaurant Delivery the Answer to Flat Local Restaurant Traffic?

Flat restaurant traffic isn’t a recent phenomenon, it’s been the case since 2009. Adding local restaurant delivery could give your business new ways to grow. Can’t Beat Them? Join Them with 3 Restaurant Delivery Business Models There’s an old saying that goes “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” the idea being that sometimes the […]

5 Corporate Brand Color Palettes Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

We’ll show you how the colors from five popular Pacific Northwest favorite locales can be incorporated into corporate brand color palettes, and what type of companies would be most likely to use them.     5 Seattle-Area Venues Provide Inspiration for Corporate Brand Color Palettes If you have a favorite location, chances are it’s as […]

9 Ways to Spend Your Real Estate Marketing Budget

No matter the size, spending your real estate marketing budget on the most effective tactics can help you attract home buyers and sellers over and over again. Spend Your Real Estate Marketing Budget Wisely Realtors, home mortgage lenders, title company agents and other real estate professionals all face the unique challenge of needing to constantly […]

5 Retail Innovations for Brick and Mortar Stores Competing with E-Commerce Rivals

Brick and mortar stores that have lost ground to e-commerce rivals are turning to retail innovations an online experience can’t match. Brick and Mortar Stores Proving the Zombie Malls Trend Can Be Stopped With online sales in the last quarter of 2016 approaching 10 percent of the $1.24 trillion retail sales in the U.S. overall, […]

8 Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Combat Flat Restaurant Sales

One third of U.S. adults are eating out less now than they were last year. Deploying creative restaurant marketing ideas can help re-engage lapsed customers, attract new ones and boost sales-per-visit. Spark Local Interest with Creative Restaurant Marketing Tactics A new Reuters/Ipsos survey reports that cost is the primary factor for the one-third of U.S. […]

8 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics for Staffing Agencies

In an online world, the digital marketing tactics staffing agencies choose to deploy can help attract top candidates and new clients alike. Staffing Agency Marketers Should Consider These 8 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics Identifying proven digital marketing tactics that can help you grow your staffing agency may be as easy as ensuring that your marketing […]

4 Ways to Use Video in E-Commerce Product Marketing – Infographic

High res images and great copy help boost e-commerce product marketing efforts, but using video could do even more. Here are 4 ways to use video in e-commerce product marketing. E-Commerce Product Marketing is Exponentially More Powerful with Video When buyers enjoy marketing videos, it can increase purchase intent as much as 97 percent and […]